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April 08, 2021

10 Mother’s Day Gifts for Hip Mums - 2022 Mothers Day Australia

mothers day gift ideas


For this year's Mother’s Day, many of us are rethinking how to give extra recognition to mums because she deserves so much more after taking care of the family with everyone home. Cool, hip mums might be tricky to shop for, but not really. There are plenty of great gifts out there!

Beauty Gifts for Mums

Pamper the most important woman in your life. Unless you know which products she likes, you might want to leave that to her. But hair and face beauty tools will make her feel loved. 

  • One-Step Styler

One-step stylers claim to achieve a smooth hair blowout in a few minutes. It has an intelligent design that allows two different types of brushes. The longer and flatter side works as a hair straightening paddle brush, while the other rounded corners lift the hair and create volume as a round brush does. This helps mums to style their hair whenever they want to go outside, attend a momentous occasion or just want to look good while staying at home.

  • Facial Roller

A face roller helps reduce stress and release tension, just like any body massage. 

Improves blood circulation in the face, which can make her skin look brighter and feel firmer. It also helps with stuffy sinuses and cools and soothes your skin. Store the roller in the refrigerator or use a naturally cold stone like jade. It’ll cool the skin on contact. This can quickly de-puff her skin and tighten pores.

  • Make-Up Brush Set 

Your mum will always appreciate new brushes! Choosing a makeup brush is not as overwhelming as choosing a cosmetic product. If you’re not sure about any of her favourite makeup brands or makeup shades, then give her a makeup brush set instead. Makeup brushes create a more precise application, flawless finish on the face, which helps the makeup look more natural on her face. 

  • Eye Mask Set

Give your mum’s under-eyes extra love. Many eye masks are innovative and are self-warming steam that relaxes and soothes overworked and fatigued eyes. It envelops the delicate eye area in a comfortable warmth and gentle steam and helps release the tensions of the day. These eye patches don't just feel really good, but they also help diminish puffiness, dryness, fine lines, and dark circles. 

  • Smart Mirror

Mum can get a skin analysis right in her own bedroom or bathroom with a smart mirror. It’s a beauty and health gadget simultaneously. It has a built-in IR temperature sensor, a UV skin analysis light, and a camera. Smart mirror will monitor areas of your health like hygiene, skincare, and mental health. The mirror uses that information to give you tips to make you healthier.

“Celebrate Mother’s Day and make her feel special. Give the most amazing woman in your life a gift that she’ll enjoy and provides a better lifestyle.”

Home Gifts for Mums 

The latest and high-tech gadgets and home appliances will be appreciated by mums who love things that save time and effort and on-trend, too. Give her something enjoyable and easy to use. 

  • Pocket Photo Printer

Pocket printers are handheld miniature printers. They can connect it wirelessly to any mobile device, like smartphone or tablet, for printing photos. It prints pictures directly from their phone's camera roll. Mums can add filters, frames, emojis, stickers, and fun text to the images before printing them using its free app.


  • Flip Alarm Clock

This flip alarm clock emits a gentle, warm glow that turns on or off automatically when you flip over the clock. Turn it right side up, and it shows the time and the alarm time as well. Turn the alarm off by flipping it upside down. If you’re not ready to wake up, this clock includes a snooze feature.

Many flip alarm clocks are ergonomically designed with large, easy-to-use buttons and have a built-in battery that recharges via USB, plus a charging cord. If mum is strict with time and has a lot of errands to do, flipping the alarm clock is an effective way to wake her up because she has to perform an action and not just hit a button. 

  • Smart Speaker

Mum can now have a virtual assistant. She can multi-task by simply asking the smart speaker whenever she needs to call up a recipe, get an update about the weather, order items, turn on/off the lights, and many more. 

Mums with small kids can also get help from the smart speaker. She can ask for information to do homework and school projects. She can play music, movies, and trivia when it’s time for entertainment and fun.

It’s easy to use. Mum doesn’t have to remember complicated passwords or do the typing on screens. She can use her voice to get what she’s asking for once the speaker is already connected to any of her mobile devices and internet. 

  • Air Fryer & Multi-Cooker

Many air-fryer recipes are foods that are typically deep-fried, but she can also use this appliance to roast vegetables, cook meat and bake goods quick and easy.

Multi-Cookers have the ability to take care of the meals while everyone’s busy, and mum finds it tough to squeeze in time for home-cooked meals. They’re programmable and can easily be controlled from any mobile devices. Mums can schedule, cook, monitor meals, and get notifications.

  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuums save the valuable time of your mum. It automatically vacuums the floor, furniture, and other surfaces without the need to exert any effort. All they need to do is to connect it to your WiFi, set the mode, schedule, and speed using the smartphone. 

Robot vacuums have better suction and patterns for cleaning floors too! Let your mum have the best hands-free floor cleaning experience. By saving her time and energy, you’ll be able to have quality time for the family. 


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