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March 28, 2020

10 Vacuuming Tips to Keep Your Home Spotless

The world is panicking and you're probably spending a lot more time at home. The last thing you need is an unclean house. It's more important than ever to keep your home free of germs, dust and mites. Manually disinfecting your furniture, taps and appliances is a good start. Keeping your floors clean can be an enormous task. 

The modern-day vacuum cleaner is easily one of the best appliances to keep a house clean, and the technology is getting better all the time. There's cordless stick vacuums, robot vacuums, handheld devices, the list goes on. Most people don't use their vacuum to its full capability so getting the most out of your cleaner is a must. Here are our ten best tips to maximise your cleaning and keep your home looking spotless.

Tip #1: Get the Right Type of Vacuum Cleaner

Make sure you have the right vacuum cleaner for your purposes. Do you have a small, tile apartment? A basic, corded vacuum might be all you need for a quick five-minute weekly clean. If you have a larger home with carpets and hard to reach places behind furniture or vehicles, you'll benefit from the flexibility of a cordless stick vacuum. If you're looking for a regular, automated touch-up, a robot vacuum cleaner will be your best bet - do your research!

Tip #2: Reduce the Cleaning Required

Vacuums' are a great tool, but they're there to pick up the pieces. By keeping tidy habits, to begin with, you'll reduce your reliance on cleaning and make the vacuuming you do more effective. Shoes off, dusting, pets outside, 'clean' eating - it all adds up!

Tip #3: Vacuum Heavy Areas Multiple Times

A common mistake is thinking one vacuum is enough to purge your home of the dust devil. Unless you have the latest and greatest, extreme suction vacuum, it's probably not the case. If you want a deep clean, you'll need to go over surfaces like carpet multiple times. Do this weekly during your main clean, and you'll surely notice the difference.

Tip #4: Clean Your Floors Regularly. Schedule!

Just like going over carpets multiple times, it pays to vacuum regularly. A full house clean daily might be excessive for most of us, but a weekly or bi-weekly vacuum routine is well within reach. Consider a robot vacuum; you can program it to run as often as you like, keeping your home spotless even when you're not around.

Tip #5: Use Different Modes Your Advantage

Most modern vacuum cleaners will feature a range of usage modes. Use the right one for your home.

“Not only will using the right mode increase effectiveness, but it can also increase battery life”

Cleaning on a Sunday morning and don't want to wake the wife? Quiet mode. Your midnight snack went all through the carpet? Whip out Max mode the next morning and erase any traces. Not only will using the right mode increase effectiveness, but it can also increase battery life. There's no need to max out the motor if you're doing a light clean to run over any accumulated dust.

Tip #6: Empty the Canister Regularly

A vacuum is a machine and machines need maintenance. Make sure to empty the dust canister whenever you can. As debris builds up the vacuum will not be able to operate at it's best. If the canister dust-bag is full, then no more waste can get picked up. A lean vacuum is a mean vacuum - treat it right! 

Tip #7: Wash the Bag and Parts if Possible

Check your instruction manual. Some vacuums will have washable parts, including the dust bag. If it does, you should make sure to wash them often to ensure optimal operation and suction. If it doesn't, they'll probably need replacing at some point. Check the status of your parts and replace them when needed.

Tip #8: Relocate Your Furniture

If you can't see it, it doesn't need cleaning, right? Wrong. That's where dust accumulates the most! A common mistake is ignoring unseen areas, such as under furniture. By lifting or moving furniture regularly, you'll ensure your entire house is spotless, including the areas no one sees.

Tip #9: Change Attachments When Needed

Need to vacuum your car, tight nooks and crannies, or above the top shelf? There's an attachment for that! Most vacuums will come with multiple attachment heads, or provide the option to purchase them as accessories. They're designed to make cleaning easier. Use them.

Tip #10: Know Your Vacuum's Limits

Not every vacuum is a beast, nor do they need to be. Don't try to pick up large debris or items that are likely to get stuck; you'll give yourself a headache trying to remove it. Instead, clear any oversized debris manually and let your vacuum do what it's designed to do. 

To take advantage of all these tips, you should consider purchasing a vacuum from an innovative brand you can trust. Roborock is a global leader in the robot vacuum space and is soon to launch a world-first cordless stick vacuum. You can check out the full range here. If you have any questions or need advice, contact us today.