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January 15, 2021

11 Simple Cleaning Hacks For Lazy People

cleaning for lazy people

Are you like everyone else who wants to live in a clean and fresh home but doesn't enjoy the idea of spending your precious time doing it, especially if you’re feeling lazy? It’s a good thing life hacks exist that make things easy even for the laziest person. Learn these 11 simple cleaning hacks to prevent extra cleaning:


Hot water or a robot window cleaner 

Just boil some water and spray hot water on your window. That gets rid of clinging dirt and spots without having to mix anything in the water! Squeegee the water away. Still a lot of work for you? Use a robot window cleaner. Simply tap its power button, and it'll start to work its way across your windowpane. 

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” - Bill Gates



Dishwasher build-up can prevent it from cleaning the dishes or draining correctly. Use a cup of white vinegar for a quick fix! First, check the area around the drain and remove the bottom rack for easy access. Place one cup of white vinegar in a dishwasher-safe container on the upper shelf of the machine and run it through a hot-water cycle. This will deodorise the dishwasher and remove the grease and grime. Baking soda also works! Sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the dishwasher and run a short hot-water cycle so the dishwasher will be fresh and strain-free again. 

Stovetop liners

Reduce your time on kitchen cleaning with a stovetop liner. Prepare your meals without the worry of burnt-on greasy food mess sticking on top of your stove! No need to scrub the stains every time. Replace the liner once it gets dirty or instead, get a reusable one that’s easy to clean.

Splatter Screen

Prevent grease splatter on your stove with a splatter screen. You can use a cone-shaped splatter screen or a foldable one to build a wall around your pan. This way, you can fry your food without creating a mess in the kitchen!


Cooking Spray 

Faucets and shower doors are notoriously hard to clean, but a cooking spray works wonders! Make your faucets shiny and your shower door clean as usual. Just use the cooking spray on the area that needs to be cleaned and use a microfiber cloth to wipe it! 


Simply pair it with your favourite household cleaner to make it more effective.A squeegee is an excellent bathroom cleaning tool! It won’t leave streak marks when you clean your windows, glass doors, tiles, mirrors, and other surfaces! Remove soap scum, limescale, and other buildups without taking up all your hours! 

Lemon and Baking Soda

Kitchen items like baking soda and lemon can help you deodorise your fridge, freezer, or even trash can. Lemon can also dissolve soap scum, treat stains, and shine brass and copper since it has natural bleaching quality. These two can get the job done quickly so you can do other things!


No Fold Laundry System 

Adopt a no-fold laundry system. Add baskets, boxes, or containers in your room to hold laundry that didn’t need to be folded or hung up. Roll up the clothing items and place them in the labelled boxes. Shirts, shorts, skirts or socks, all organised and easy to find. 

Laundry Folding Robot

Going high tech? For laundry that really needs to be folded, a folding laundry robot will help you get it done. It could go through a full load of laundry and fold every piece in a few minutes. Though, it can’t fold garments that are too small or large like underwear, socks, and bedsheets; it saves you time and energy folding all kinds of clothes you have. 


Mop Socks

Clean your floors by simply walking around your home wearing a pair of mop socks. It perfectly works on wood, tile, and vinyl floors; it has fingers on the soles that grab pet hair, gather dust and collect dirt for easy cleaning. You can walk around and do this chore with minimal effort. That’s your workout in-one, too! Helps you achieve your steps on the step counter! 

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It’s seriously the best cleaning hack ever. You can set your robot vacuum to clean while you’re out, having some rest, or when you just don’t feel like doing it. Robot vacuums won’t just clean your floors and furniture, but it will also purify your indoor air. 

You don’t need to make lemon spray to deodorise your home or do extra cleaning to maintain fresh indoor air. All you have to do is empty the collection chamber, so it’s ready to go for the next time. Enjoy a cleaner home without too much spending time and energy to get it all done. 

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