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February 04, 2021

2021 Useful Gadgets For Your Modern Home

Home tech gadgets

In this golden age of smart technology, more and more cool gadgets are changing people’s lifestyles. These gadgets provide smart home solutions to everyday needs. And for those who increasingly live a busy life at home where work and rest now collide, this tech is a good thing. Here, we have gathered some of the most useful and intelligent devices you should think about getting to turn your home smart. Really smart. 

Home security and lighting 

  • Smart lock

Get quick and easy access to your home with a smart lock. It offers an app that allows you to lock and unlock doors with a simple icon tap. You can also add permanent and temporary access permission code to other users and set access schedules or expiration time for specific days and times.

This keyless entry to your property adds convenience and offers peace of mind when you’re away. It sends you updates on your phone, so you can review who enters the home and know when may be an issue at the house.

  • Smart lamp for the elderly

Smart lamps for the elderly affixes to your ceiling and uses AI to automatically detect falls so they can quickly receive help in the event of an accident. It also delivers 24/7 monitoring, even without a battery. 

This smart home device also offers smart lighting, detects fires, monitors air quality, recognises break-ins, and understands living patterns. It’s a comprehensive device when it comes to senior care. 

Home Assistant Devices and Self Care

  • Smart speaker

Smart speakers do so much, from controlling your other smart home devices to ordering items and takeaways online and providing information such as weather forecast, time, date, food recipe and many more.

  • Bluetooth shower speaker

Listening to music while showering brings enormous benefits to your body and mind. It releases stress after a busy day and puts you in a better mood. You can enjoy six hours of continuous streaming with a Bluetooth shower speaker, letting you take calls and listen to music anytime without any hassle.

  • Smart mirror

Get skin analysis right in your bathroom or bedroom with a smart mirror. It’s a health gadget with a built-in IR temperature sensor, a UV skin analysis light, and a camera. It monitors areas of your health like hygiene, skincare, and mental health. The mirror uses that information to give you tips to make you healthier. 

  • Wake-up light alarm clock with sunrise simulation

Use a natural light alarm clock to improve your ability to function in the morning. The therapy lamp and alarm clock with sunrise simulation improves your sleep, energy, and well being and helps you wake up feeling more refreshed. 

  • PhoneSoap HomeSoap

Phonesoap HomeSoap has a disinfecting power for almost any item. Whatever fits inside HomeSoap will be sanitised. Aside from your phone, you can also clean a pacifier, bottles, remote controls and many more. 

  • Scout AI-powered Smart Home Robot

Another best smart home gadget is Scout AI-Powered Smart Home Robot. This robot is ideal for intelligent home monitoring. It has no blind spots making it great for home surveillance and pet companionship. Its camera has night vision, and it moves around the house and communicates what it sees.

  • Interactive smart pillow

This smart home gadget reduces your shoulder, neck, and arms’ discomfort and tingles to help you sleep more comfortably. What’s more, this intelligent pillow can be connected to your smartphone to play your favourite music. Some smart pillows can determine your regular sleep patterns and decide when it's best to wake you up.

Interior Design

  • Intelligent curtains

Intelligent curtains are regular curtains too, but they move with a motor and allow remote access within mobile apps to control the curtains’ placement depending on need or go completely hands-free via voice control function. It will automatically open or close in smooth and silent motion. 

Intelligent curtains use a pre-set schedule (sunrise and sunset times) to gently wake you up with rays of sunlight in the morning, or help create a secluded atmosphere for sleep in the evening. It can also help lower your energy bills - since they act as a natural barrier that keeps heat in or out of a home. 

  • 3D wall panels 

They’re modern and up to date interior cladding for your home. They offer an exciting furniture decoration, soundproofing, fire and earthquake resistance, and could potentially benefit those who suffer from sensory conditions such as autism.

Cleaning and Home Care

  • Smart fridge

Smart refrigerators can connect themselves with the Wi-Fi at your home so you can control the temperature remotely via a smartphone app. They’re also equipped with internal cameras so you can quickly check what’s inside your fridge and what you need to get at the supermarket. 

You can add items to your virtual shopping list that are saved into the fridge’s smart memory, sync it with your smartphone app and use it while shopping. Cast your current smart TV screen to this and watch the show on your fridge display. 

  • Smart oven

Simplify your cooking process and reduce your energy bills. The smart oven comes with a built-in performance assessment system that identifies hardware issues before they start affecting cooking performance. It’s best feature is the camera inside, which can tell how long to cook the food and when it's done.

  • Intelligent precision cookers

A new breed of intelligent precision cookers has been developed to help you prep a meal quickly. It can cook almost everything, such as meat, fish, vegetables, soups, and desserts.What makes them extra special is that they come with a mobile app which lets you start, stop, and monitor your food any time during the cooking process!

  • Robot lawn mowers 

Robot lawnmowers are energy-efficient and more convenient. It automatically cuts your grass without requiring any intervention unless you wish to change the cutting schedule or settings. It improves your lawn’s look and condition while fertilising it, making it look vibrant and green.

  • Robot vacuums

Robot vacuums save you valuable time by doing the vacuuming for you. Connect it to your WiFi, set the mode and speed, and they will automatically clean your surfaces and furniture. Some robotic vacuum cleaners have cameras and provide customisation options, which allow you to control when the device runs and which rooms it cleans in your home. 

“High tech gadgets truly bring technological advances into your home, giving you a better lifestyle for a modern living.”

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