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June 16, 2021

2021's Best Wedding Gifts for Newlyweds

Best Wedding Gifts - Robot vacuum cleaner


You’re invited to a wedding. The couple has chosen not to register for gifts. What do you get them? Choosing a wedding gift with no registry can be quite hard. You can get ideas from the activities the couple likes doing or the household items they’ll need. Give them a product that’ll remind them of their wedding day or any other special day in their lives! 

Our list includes classic, cool, luxurious and unique wedding gifts. Use our list for inspiration to pick a present, or ask the couple directly about these gifts they want to receive. You can also create a group chat with the guests you know and communicate so you don’t double up on any gifts! 

Gift cards

When the couple doesn’t want cash either, give them a personalised gift card that’s ready to be handed over at the wedding or a digital e-gift card if you can’t make it to the wedding itself. 

Add a personal message for the couple on their special day and place the best photo of them as a couple on the card. Tell them to use the card while they’re on their honeymoon, go to places where they both want to go and enjoy making a memory that lasts a lifetime.

The adventure challenge couples camera set

 A scratch-off activity journal is a unique wedding gift you can give. It’s filled with a year's cool and creative date ideas delivered to the couple once a month. Each date is a total mystery until it's scratched off. What’s the best thing? The journal comes with a camera for capturing memories. 

Champagne gift box set 

Make their first toast as husband and wife memorable with this champagne gift box set! Give it at their engagement party or wedding shower so they can use their own personalised glasses for the toasts on their wedding day! Couples can use this gift set every year on their anniversary. 

Bath towels & bathrobes 

There’s no way a couple wouldn't love soft and comfortable bath towels and matching bathrobes! They’re one of the most romantic wedding gifts you can give. These gifts are perfect for their honeymoon and a sweet getaway, and something sweet to look forward to after their showers and baths at home. 

Bathtub caddy

If they have towels and bathrobes, add this bathtub caddy. It’s size-adjustable to accommodate different tubs and comes with a wine glass holder. It also has edges that safely prop up a book or tablet, a candle holder, and extra space for whatever else they want at their fingertips when taking a luxurious bath! 


Beddings are practical, classic, and romantic. Choose a luxurious set that still matches the couple’s personality. Bedding sets will not only provide the perfect snuggle, but they’ll also beautify their homes.

Smart photo frame

The digital frame in a digital world. Smart photo frames let couples share online images with their family and friends for instant display. The couple can use this to store, send and showcase all their favourite photo memories, especially their wedding photos! 

Smart speaker

Marriage is a time for new beginnings and can also be a time for new home gadgets. 

Smart speakers can be a great addition to their home, especially with everyone now using smart home devices. This can help the couple in many things around the house. Smart speakers do so much, from controlling their other smart home devices to ordering items and food online. It provides information such as weather forecast, time, date, food recipe and many more.


Another wedding gift to add to the kitchen could be a quality blender. It’s a valuable kitchen appliance that can be used in most cooking processes, from chopping to juicing. If the couple is healthy eating enthusiasts or simply love cooking, they’ll love this!

Coffee maker 

For couples who love to drink coffee, a coffee maker is a beautiful gift. To make your gift even more unique, add some boxes of coffee beans and different types of roasts they can try. 

Air fryer & multicooker

An air Fryer and a multi-cooker are other unique wedding gifts because it actually cooks almost everything! These are perfect for couples who are still learning their kitchen skills! It’s also convenient for couples who are busy doing other tasks and find it hard to cook in the kitchen. A multi-cooker can be controlled from any mobile device: schedule, cook, monitor meals and get notifications when it’s done. 

An air fryer can make the food healthier and air-fry almost everything like frozen chicken wings, french fries, roasted vegetables and fresh-baked cookies. Simply place the food inside the air fryer’s basket and set the time and temperature. 

Robot vacuum cleaner

This wedding gift is a very practical gift for new couples. In this age of remote working, when everyone’s working at home, cleaning can get shunted to the wayside. Introduce them to a robot vacuum

This robot vacuum is the first gift that couples need to unwrap because no other gift can clean up after itself! The vacuum can scan the couple's entire space and come up with the most efficient routes. It quietly cleans every surface and even the indoor air with its HEPA filter system. 

Robotic vacuum cleaners are quality vacuums that are programmable with a specific time of day they want the cleaning done. This device saves the couple from all the stress and cuts time from household chores. 

“Give a gift that will give them joy, inspiration and convenience.” 

These gift ideas welcome the next chapter of a couple's newlywed life. And may they love, honour, and cherish these beautiful gifts for as long as they both shall live.

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