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October 25, 2021

4 reasons why a robot vacuum is the best Christmas gift

Christmas gifts australia

It’s that time of year again… where did 2021 go? Depending on where you live, you’ve probably spent most of your precious time in lock down. Worry not, the best is yet to come - Christmas! And boy, will it be the biggest and best Christmas yet. With so much joy and excitement surrounding the ability to spend the festive season with friends and family, it's only logical to match the energy and give the ultimate present of all time! If you’re unsure what this gift should be, don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted! 

The best Christmas gift for 2021? In a very unbiased opinion, of course, here’s why the Roborock Vacuum is the ultimate gift this year. 

Reason #1. Increasing free time 

In the busy world we live in, there’s always something to do. From grinding at work, to taking care of the family and children, to socialising and enjoying outings with friends. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to fit everything in. The desire to be out of the house and fill the day with entertaining activities has been exacerbated with weeks, even months, spent confined to the walls of our home. 

Although you cannot buy someone more hours or lengthen the duration of a day as a Christmas gift, you can buy the next best thing. Do I need to say it? The Roborock Vacuum. 

The use of an intelligent and customisable robot vacuum eliminates a time-consuming chore which results in your loved ones getting more ‘me time’. By gifting someone a robot vacuum you also gift them the opportunity to fill their day with pleasurable activities that make them happy.

Reason #2. Eliminating mundane chores 

Let’s be honest with one another, no one genuinely looks forward to cleaning. Admittedly, in the appropriate situation, there can be some joy in cleaning - whether you've got a lot on your mind, or you’re looking for a procrastination vice, there can be a sense of satisfaction in cleaning during these occasions. However, for the most part on your day to day, cleaning is considered by most the definition of a ‘chore.’ We’re not singling out the lazy people out there, we can all relate! 

By buying a robot vacuum as a Christmas gift, not only are you providing your recipient the satisfaction of a clean house, but you’re also alleviating them of mundane chores that are time consuming and tiring. Eliminating one thing off the ever growing to-do list. The gift that keeps on giving! 

Reason #3. Relevant and timeless 

It can be difficult to discover what present will be of most value. Let's look at the example of flowers. Receiving flowers is a wonderful feeling! Flowers are beautiful and there’s something incredibly special about them… the way they’re majestically packaged in a bouquet with a colourful ribbon that matches the vibrant colours and unique textures. Wow! Once you’ve received them, you pop them in a vase and they brighten your house… for roughly a week. Then, you throw them out and the wonderful feeling fades into a memory. This is not the case with the Roborock Vacuum! 

A robot vacuum is a timeless gift and ensures your money is put to good use. It’s not a single use gift, it's a gift that your loved one will have for years. Especially with the one year warranty that comes with each purchase! 

Your loved one will use the gift daily, will constantly be reminded of you, and feel a sense of gratitude towards you for keeping their house neat and tidy. Well after the festive period, your loved ones will continue to reap the benefits of your awesome and practical gift! 

Reason #4. Domestic and international travel is opening back up 

With COVID restrictions easing, and an abundance of travel opportunities knocking on the door, the majority of us will be quickly making plans to hop on the soonest flight possible! As we should, we could all use a long and activity-fueled vacay after the crazy last two years. 

During your long awaited time away, the last thing anyone wants to be worrying about is maintaining their house. Luckily for your loved ones, they won't have to. 

Whilst they’re enjoying scenic walks and sipping on martinis, the Roborock Vacuum is taking care of the house - keeping it tidy and germ free. Using the corresponding app, your lucky recipient can control and review the robot cleaner from anywhere in the world. I’ve said it before and I'll say it again, the multi-purpose gift that keeps on giving! 

It’s well known that the best gift isn’t an item or service that has the highest price tag, but is a product or service that is thoughtful, meaningful, and personal. When deciding what gift to buy your loved one, there are many factors to consider:

  • What do they like?
  • What don’t they like?
  • What demonstrates that I know them well? 
  • What gift will provide continuous benefits? 
  • How can they use it, and how often? 

Taking the above reasons and gift-giving criteria into account, we’re sure you can see the immense value of buying the Roborock Vacuum as a Christmas gift for 2021. The robot vacuum itself isn’t the gift, the gift is the opportunity it provides - free time, alleviation of mundane chores, continuous use, and worry-free vacation. Not to mention, a sparkly clean house! 

It’s no wonder that thousands of Australians love Roborock’s robot vacuums, who wouldn’t when you consider the endless possibilities! Check out our greatest and most advanced robot vacuum to get yourself, and your loved ones, ready for the most festive season yet! 

Is it too early to say Merry Christmas? 

We don’t think so. 

Merry Christmas!