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March 03, 2020

6 Must-Have Features for a Robot Vacuum

So you've decided to embrace modern technology and replace your old stick vacuum. Maybe you've already started your search for a robot vacuum replacement but not sure what features to look for. There's a myriad of options, brands and an accompanying massive range of price points. Is a more expensive robot vacuum cleaner worth it? It depends on what you're trying to achieve. Keep in mind that robot cleaners may not be able to fully replace a manual clean. Although, they can certainly do a great job at an efficient, everyday vacuum.

It's also worth noting that everyone has different homes. Some people have hard floors, while others, mostly carpet. Maybe you have pets or children that make a bit more mess than the average family. If you're busy and out a lot, the vacuum should be able to operate on its own as much as possible. Although there a bunch of variables to consider in your thorough research, it's also true that there are features you probably shouldn't compromise. In 2020, a good robot vacuum cleaner will have all these features, and they can be massive time savers for you and your family. We've come up with our top six must-have features for a robot vacuum cleaner. Let's take a look.


1. A Great Mobile App

This feature is truly essential! Your robot vacuum is smart, so you need a way to utilise all their amazing features. A great mobile app will allow you to control your professional house-cleaner from anywhere. Heading home from work and having friends over for dinner? Tell the robot vacuum to get started. Your house will be tidy before you come through the door.

A mobile app will allow you to view critical notifications and other operating data from your vacuum unit. For example, if there is an error, the app will communicate this to you, allowing you to fix the problem quickly. You can check the battery percentage and other operational insights at the click of a button. An efficient mobile app is the number one key to getting the most out of your robot vacuum.


2. Effective Mapping and Navigation

For a robot vacuum to do its job well, it needs to be able to find itself around your home and optimise its cleaning route. It should recognise and compensate for furniture and other potential household obstacles. By creating and storing a detailed 'map' of your home, the robot vacuum can become far more useful. You'll be able to see a cleaning history, set schedules as well as many other options. It will know where its charging base is located and where it needs to return to clean after recharging, or any other interruption to its cycle.


3. Zoning and Selective Cleaning

Through the app, better robot vacuums will allow you to view and interact with the map it's created. You'll be able to set zones, which could be floors of your home, individual rooms or even a custom space you set up. This feature creates control and flexibility as you can instruct the robot vacuum only to clean the zones you want it to. This saves time and energy and is a smarter way to customise how your vacuum gets the job done. You may also be able to add virtual 'walls' to set no-go zones you don't want to be touched by your little robot.


4. Smart Home Integration

While most vacuums aren't too advanced in this feature yet, it's undoubtedly an important one to consider. Smart home devices, such as Amazon's Alexa and Google Home, are becoming a household norm. Having appliances that integrate seamlessly makes turning your home 'smart' just that much easier. Some robot vacuums will allow you to control them using your voice. You can tell them to start or stop cleaning. While not a complete gamechanger, as more features are added in the future, a totally handsfree vacuuming experience will become a reality.


5. Mopping? More Than Just a Vacuum

A lot of robot vacuums will also mop your home. While not as thorough as a manual mopping, the added layer of cleaning will go a long way to maintaining hard floors. Vacuums with a mop feature carry a water tank which you fill-up, and re-usable mop attachments you'll need to wash and replace every now and then. While not the primary reason you'd purchase a robot vacuum, it's certainly a feature you should expect to be included. It will undoubtedly save you a lot of time!


6. Multiple Modes - Quiet Time!

Multiple cleaning modes should be expected in any robot vacuum. Some cleaners, while not as noisy as a hand-held vacuum, can still make quite a racket. Perhaps you want some quiet time? Set it to 'quiet'-mode. Maybe you need a quick clean? 'Turbo'-mode. Did you spill something or is your home just in need of a thorough, deep clean? 'Max'-mode.Must Have Features on a Robot Vacuum

A robot vacuum should work for you and your situation, not the other way round. For robot vacuums that work and are packed with all these features, plus many more, visit the Roborock range today.