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January 15, 2021

6 Tips and Tricks for a Guest-Ready Living Room

clean home

If you love to entertain, or simply have friends and family who love to visit, you know the value of having a guest-ready home. Your visitors need to feel comfortable and relaxed. We all pride ourselves on having a clean, well-organized, welcoming home. Keeping it this way can be challenging when you have kids and/or pets, but there are tips and tricks for maintaining your place in shape and ready for guests! These tips and tricks are quick and easy to follow whether you have pets and kids or not, so try them out for yourself.

Good scents for good vibes 

You may get used to the usual smell of your home. But your visitors will notice it the moment they step past the front door and may not find that smell pleasing. 

Freshen the indoor air, especially when you have pets at home. To eliminate odours, use air freshener spray. Choose subtle scents, or you can make your own air freshener spray to achieve the smell you prefer and do a quick spray mainly on pet beds, and trash bins before the guests arrive.

Light scented candles, or turn on an essential oil diffuser. They help to set a pleasant mood and keep things fresh! If you have time and want to do some baking, another trick is to bake some cookies. Baked cookies will give your home such a pleasing, cozy aroma, and you'll have treats to serve for your guests!

Provide a pet-house/pet area

Give your pets an area where they can stay whenever guests arrive, particularly if the guests don't like pets around them. Usually, a DIY pet house is nice under the stairs or you could just purchase one for your furry friend.

A pet area or pet room will avoid cluttered items around the house and protect your furniture, decor and other important things at home. If they have their own area, pets can’t pee on your furniture, and pet’s bowls won’t mess up your floors while still giving them a comfortable place to play and stay. 

Get a scratch pad and pet potty trainer, so pets won’t scratch your furniture and poop/pee just anywhere.

Use storage boxesor baskets

Storage boxes or baskets are good at hiding clutter while still looking chic. You can place them in the living room, playroom, bedroom, and on shelves. This is also one of the best toy organisers for your kids. When guests are coming, it’s so easy to pick things up and dump everything in the baskets. Check for on-trend varieties of storage boxes, and fill them with all your kid or pet things for easy cleanup.

Have a place set for handbags and coats

Is your foyer guest friendly? Create a space to hang up coats and handbags for your visitors. Installed hook bars or a garment rack that fit near your front door without looking clunky. You can also hang a shelf above your garment rack for extra storage. 

Outfit your foyer using an old closet to store every coat, bag, and other accessories. Mount hooks on the inside of the door and provides baskets inside the closet for more storage space. 

Keep it clean and uncluttered

The key here is to put away the unnecessary items in your living room. Maybe you bring your blanket or personal docs there for a reason. Stash them in a drawer on the side or coffee table. Brought a snack? Put the dishes in the sink right away and vacuum away crumbs.

Clean other items in your living room where dirt and dust usually stick like picture frames, flower vases, or figurine displays. Wipe them quickly using a towel or you may use a microfiber duster.

Arrange cords and other wires placed on the floors to avoid accidents. Avoid cable spaghetti wires on your outlet. Organise your cords by providing cord racks or cable ties with labels. Using cord organizing-accessories will protect and hide your cords for a tidy look in your living room or office. 

Vacuum furniture and high-traffic floor areas

Guests always see your floors. Keep your home guest-ready by running a robotic vacuum to clean your floors regularly. Quickly set the timer, mode, and speed of your robot vacuum to clean your floors and upholstery and you’re all done. This robot vacuum will purify your indoor air, leaving you with a fresh-smelling home. 

“Having guests to stay is great, when you’re prepared. With the help of these tips and tricks, maintain your guest-ready living room everyday.” 

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