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March 03, 2021

7 House Cleaning Tips Before Moving In With the Kids

cleaning with kids

Moving into a new home can be a fun and exciting moment. It can also be a challenging phase in life, especially if you have children. Adapting to your new environment is an adventure you and your kids are about to experience, and it's great if their new place is clean and safe

A new house could have so many possibilities. It could be bare walls, cluttered or uncluttered space, and a new construction house can leave dust and debris in unexpected places. So it’s essential that before heavy furniture or other items are unpacked, you have to take care of giving your new home a thorough cleaning. 

Clean high before you clean low

Clean your ceilings and high shelves first, as the dust falling from them can settle on the walls and floors. Use a magnetic duster rod or a microfiber cloth and secure it to a broom or mop handle with a rubber band. If you really need to use a ladder, have another person brace the ladder to avoid slipping or falling.

You can also use a long-armed duster rod, baby wipes, or your old pillowcase to clean your ceiling fans. Slide the pillowcase over the fan blade, press gently against the edge, and pull the pillowcase back. Repeat until all the blades are clean. Shake the old pillowcase outside and wash it in warm water. Cleaning your ceilings will reduce the amount of dust floating around your home, especially if you have kids with asthma or allergies. 

Do the fridge first so you can keep food safe

Remove and wash refrigerator shelves and drawers, and clean them with warm, soapy water. Use a clean rag to scrub down all the inside surfaces of the fridge. When the shelves are completely dry, return them to the refrigerator. 

Clean the rest of the kitchen

Ideally, moving into your kitchen means just wiping it down with sanitising wipes. But in case it needs a thorough cleaning, do it high to low, too.

    • Sink and Faucets: If there are any stains in your sink and faucets, use a paste of soda and vinegar. After removing the stains, the sink will shine with water and lemon juice.

    • Stove: If the top surface looks dirty, use a strong grease remover. Place the top burner of the stove for easy cleaning.

  • Cabinets: Dust and wipe down all surfaces of your cabinets using a microfiber cloth. Ensure you clean them on both the inside and the outside and pay special attention to their handles using a gentle all-purpose cleaner and paper towels.

  • Countertops: Start scrubbing countertops with the area surrounding the stove, as it's typically the messiest. Use a solution of water and vinegar to get countertops (except marble) clean.

Onto the bathrooms 

Dish or laundry soap, a sponge, and an antibacterial spray are all you need for the initial scrub down and to get rid of any lingering germs. 


Disinfect the toilet. Use paper towels to clean the outside, back, and handles of the toilet. Use disinfecting cleaner all around, inside, and out. You can also clean the toilet tank when you move to a new home to help cut down the mildew, rust, mineral, and grime build-up that can damage the parts and cause your bathroom to smell. 

“Give your kids a clean and safe environment before moving into your new home.”

Clean your vanity countertop, scrub your sink, and shine your faucets. Clean the mirror with a glass cleaner and clean the floors. While cleaning, don't forget to check if all of your light switches, faucets, and door handles are working.

Clean up your bedrooms

After the exhausting day of your house move, a clean bedroom is excellent to take a rest or simply go to sleep if it’s already late in the evening. Cleaning the bedrooms before the move is a good idea. First, set up the children’s bedrooms and then the adult's bedroom. Depending on their age and with dust masks on, kids can clean their own rooms. 

Same as in the other rooms, dust the ceiling and wipe the walls down. If necessary, use a glass cleaning product to clean the windows: dust all light fixtures and furniture like beds, dressers, shelves, and nightstands. Use a disinfectant spray to clean all furniture pieces, especially the bed and then the doorknob. 

Tackle the rest of the space

After taking care of the three priority rooms (bathroom, the bedroom, and the kitchen), tackle the rest of your new home. Follow a more general moving house cleaning checklist.

  • Dust each room, focusing on the windows, window sills, corners, doors, and light fixtures.
  • Disinfect all the spaces to kill off any bacteria and germs, such as light switches, door handles and doorknobs, and faucets. 


Finish with the floors

You start cleaning at the top and end it at the bottom. Vacuum the floors of your kitchen, bedrooms, living room floors, and corridors. Robot vacuum cleaners are versatile for many types of floors. 

Most robotic vacuums have different cleaning modes for any kind of floor material you have. Some of them adjust themselves as they cross over to other rooms. Or you can remote control your vacuum settings when it’s time to go to another room. 

It cleans corners and edges and then sweeps away all the remaining debris. It also has a HEPA filter for fresh and clean air in your new home.

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