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July 29, 2020

A Guide to Vacuum Attachments: How to Use them Effectively

While the vacuum is one of the world’s most common household appliances, most of us aren’t using them to their full capacity. With so many types, models, parts and bonus attachments available, it is entirely understandable that we can’t tell what is what. Almost every manual vacuum comes with at least two interchangeable accessories (brushes or heads) that are supposed to be used for different cleaning purposes. In reality, it’s too easy to leave them in the box or store them away, never to see them again. The truth is that these attachments are there to make your cleaning experience easier, not more confusing. Here is our guide to using vacuum attachments the right way! 

Floor brush

A floor brush is one of the most common attachments you will find. While there are many variations, a floor brush is one of your bread and butter vacuum head. They are primarily designed to clean hard floors, as opposed to carpets. Floor brushes are great for capturing fine dust, using a soft roller (sometimes with small bristles) to gently pick up debris without damaging your floors. They also usually have extra wheels that allow them to move around quickly on hard surfaces. If you have hard floors, you definitely need to use a floor brush for maximum cleaning efficiency.

Carpet brush

A carpet brush is a specialist attachment primarily designed to be used on carpets - it packs extra power and deeper (sometimes carbon fibre) bristles. Carpets collect a variety of debris, dust and allergens, so it is essential to clean them thoroughly. The best carpet brushes include a separate motor, offering additional suction to get a deeper clean. If you want to give your carpets a thorough clean, use a carpet brush. You can also use a carpet brush on your regular surfaces, after testing that it does not damage any sensitive hardwood flooring.

Dusting brush

A dusting brush has a longer head and is used to clean delicate and specific areas of your home. It will usually be round and have long and soft bristles, allowing to dislodge dust as you brush over a domain. Typical areas you would use a dusting brush for include bookcases, art, lampshades, blinds and windowsills. If you can turn down the suction on your vacuum, you can also use it to gently dust ornaments, electronics and other delicates. A dusting brush is a finishing touch to your general vacuum clean.

Upholstery tools

Standard vacuum head attachments are not very good at cleaning furniture or other soft fabric. Upholstery tools are brushes designed to help you clean chairs and lounges by carefully lifting dirt, allergens and other debris without damaging them. Use an upholstery attachment to get rid of pesky pet hair from your furniture efficiently. Better accessories may even be motorised, offering an additional fast-rotating brush to get the job done even more effectively! 

Crevice tool

Have you ever needed to reach down the side of your fridge or behind your lounge? These long, narrow attachments are perfect for cleaning these hard to reach places. The tip is usually angled, allowing you to twist the nozzle flush against the floor, capturing as much dust as possible. Some other great uses of this attachment are cleaning refrigerator coils, de-linting your dryer or freshening up the long-neglected regions of your family car...

Hose Extension

Hose adapters act as an extension cable for your vacuum. If you have a stick vacuum, it is often not flexible enough to reach some places. Adding a hose gives you the freedom to reach any spot you can see, such as the top of high shelves or otherwise impossible to reach spots in your vehicle. Better yet, you can combine it effortlessly with your crevice tool or dusting brush to clean even the most awkward areas of your home with ease.


“There are attachments designed for niche jobs, such as vacuuming the dog!”


As well as the usual attachments listed here, there are also some less popular ones designed for niche jobs, such as cleaning ceiling fans or even vacuuming the dog! By understanding what each of the different vacuum cleaner attachments does, you can ensure a superior cleaning result, in far less time.


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