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June 16, 2021

Best Tech Gifts for Grandparents

Robovac best tech Gifts for Grandparents

Are you looking for a tech gift for your grandparents? Well, you’ll never run out of options. Every year technology grows, and technology gifts are getting more remarkable and practical. They've become more user-friendly and continue to upgrade in providing various benefits. 

So whether you’re stuck and having a hard time visiting them because of the pandemic, there are lots of easy-to-use tech products you can give to your grandparents. This will improve their lives and show them how much you care.

Smart screens

  • Smartphones. Many grandparents live away from the rest of the family; having a smartphone with video calling will make it much easier for them to stay in touch with you. This will help them feel less lonely. A smartphone can also help eliminate tedious physical visits to the store by making it possible to order goods online. Grandparents should also keep their phone with them at all times in case of an emergency, but keep in mind that there are better options for that, such as life alert devices and wearable technology with inbuilt emergency sensors and alerts.
  • Smart tablet. Let your grandparents enjoy Youtube videos and access the web on a handy, bigger screen. Smart tablets have a stand, too, which is a solid option when using it to make video calls with you. 

Portable charger

Grandparents with bright screens need to make sure their gadgets are fully charged.

Portable chargers are not only convenient to carry but also come without any unnecessary wires and cables. 

Digital picture frame 

Visits are complex nowadays, giving them a digital frame and inviting other family members to add images to it, especially photos of grandkids, which are always a great gift. Grandparents will be able to see high-quality pictures on a large, bright screen for easy viewing and an intuitive interface. You can upload unlimited photos and sync your cloud storage with their frame. 

Smart home speaker 

This gift pairs with many other tech devices. Your grandparents can use this smart home speaker to voice command all your connected smart devices. It’s effortless and more accessible than pushing any buttons. 

Smart home speakers can get info and perform the task like setting timers and reminders for your grandparents. They can check the upcoming weather, control the temperature of their home and call their friends.


Fitbit Charge 3 features automatic sleep tracking so seniors can monitor their sleep patterns and learn how to get better rest. Samsung Gear S3 has the ability to notify emergency contacts. The Apple Watch 4 has an ECG app that can generate an ECG providing critical data for doctors, caregivers and wearers. It also features fall detection. It will automatically call emergency services and send a message to emergency contacts.

Smart sneakers

Smart sneakers are special shoes that have fall-sensor technology. If seniors fall, the shoes vibrate to ask them if they need help. If there’s no response, it sends an alert to their family members. The smart sneakers are also GPS equipped. Local respondents will know where to find the wearer.

Item locators

Help your Grandpa and Grandma make finding their things easier. Attach the item tracker like Esky and Tile Mate to whatever it is that always gets lost. The item tracker is linked to an app via Bluetooth, signalling an alarm to find anything within 200 feet of the device. They’re also compatible with smart assistants. All they have to do is ask where the missing item is. 

Grocery lists organiser

Give them a SmartShopper organiser. It helps them organise and prepare their lists whenever they run out of items. You can attach this gadget to their fridge or wall and let them use voice commands to add items. Once your grandparent is ready to go shopping, they can print the list to take with them!

Toilet night light

This may not look like a usual tech gift, but any grandparent would appreciate a night light for their toilet. This toilet night light activates when your senior loved ones approach the toilet bowl. It protects them from nighttime slips and falls.


Robot vacuum cleaner 

Vacuuming floors is a strenuous task since mobility becomes challenging as people age. Robot vacuumsare one of the best tech gifts you can give them. Your grandparents don’t need to lift their furniture or move anything to clean dust and debris. 

All they have to do is to schedule the days they want their space cleaned and can even block off rooms where the robot vacuum can't go if they choose. It can efficiently operate through their smartphones and works with smart assistants. It saves both the time and energy of your grandparents while having clean floors and fresh indoor air. 

“Tech devices are one of the most valuable presents you can give. They give your grandparents extra independence and allow them to enjoy their lives more.”

Thanks to technology, seniors and their loved ones can be more connected, feel protected, and find comfort at their convenience. Thousands of Australians love Roborock’s robot vacuums. Check out our most advanced robot vacuum today to experience less time cleaning with more time living!