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October 30, 2020

Clever Parenting Hacks to Save Time Around the Home

your cleaning partner robotic vacuum cleaner.

Parenting can be a little overwhelming, and life can get so hectic that you feel like you’ll never have time to squeeze everything into a day. Being a parent means your work never stops. Every day you have different tasks to accomplish: manage your laundry, take care of your kids, do paperwork, iron clothes, cook, clean your home, and many more! 

On those super hectic days, don’t you wish you had time-saving tricks to make things more efficient?  

Work smarter, not harder. Home should be the most relaxing and safest place! That’s why we gathered these essential parenting hacks so you can spend more time enjoying your kid’s presence, as well as your whole family. 

Plan and Schedule Ahead 

On top of the list is to plan and schedule ahead of time. Find your flow and optimise your calendar system. Make a checklist of things you need to do on a regular basis. You could try creating a board where you post all the tasks you and the whole family (if the kids are old enough) need to do for a day, the week or even the entire month. 

“Don't forget to include quality family time in your schedule.”

Structure your day: mornings, midday, and evening. Which of these times during the day are your tasks best to complete? Also, don't forget to include quality family time in your schedule. The underlying reason why we want to save time is so we can spend more of it doing things that we really want to, like playing with the kids.

Shop Online and Outsource Delivery

Use an online shopping app to manage your groceries and other items you want (or need) to buy. Instead of going outside to visit the grocery or the department store, you’re just one click away to adding and purchasing the items you need. Aside from saving your time and energy, many online shopping apps offer discount vouchers, rewards, and free shipping. 

Collect your vouchers and know when best to use them. Turn your app notifications on for sale alerts! This is absolutely one of the best parenting hacks to save you and your family time and money.   

Get Meals Delivered To Your Home 

Try ordering meals, not just from restaurants but from your neighbours who might be in the business of cooking and packing ready to heat meals! You support small business, and you get healthy food. 

There are also many fitness-oriented ‘meal-prep’ companies that will cook and deliver precisely the right meals for your health goals. This will save you time, support your health and fitness goals as well as allowing you some critical rest. 

Limit Your Screen Time and Social Media

It might sound silly, but try scheduling a specific time each day when you allow yourself to look through your phone. It’s easy to be distracted by our mobile devices. The constant notifications ruin our workflow and distract us more than we realise. If you want to be more productive in having time with yourself and your family, an important aspect is to avoid (or at least limit) social media and other unnecessary apps on your phone. 

Use Smart Home Appliances 

Smart home appliances give you many benefits. Today's smart appliances mobilised by robotics, wireless/Bluetooth control and automation are more convenient to use and more energy-efficient than they have ever been.

Imagine refrigerators that track your food inventory and expiration dates; washers and dryers you control remotely using your smartphone and robotic vacuum cleaners. Who wouldn't want that, right? And with all the household chores you know you should be doing, you can't deny that cleaning eats up most of a busy parent’s time. 

One of the best cleaning partners you could have is a robotic vacuum cleaner. They are self-sufficient and self-operating. Robotic vacuums are programmable to vacuum at a specific time or day, accept schedules and automatically run on days and times you’ve set. It frees up most of your time to do other things. You’ll have more time with your family, friends, or your own hobbies.

Parenting has never been easy. You have endless tasks and responsibilities at home that might compromise your family relationships. By following these tips and learning to look for the best digital help will surely benefit you and your family. Roborock’s robot vacuums are loved by thousands of Australian’s. Check out our most advanced robot vacuum today.