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November 17, 2023

Deep Dive Into How Roborock Robot Vacuums Adapt to Different Floor Types

Just because life is demanding doesn't mean you can't delegate certain tasks – like vacuuming. You can invest in a robotic vacuum and mop to do the job instead. These smart devices offer various features to deliver a cleaner, more efficient home. The key to streamlining your schedule? A robot vacuum cleaner. It can adapt to your changing needs and alter how you clean and maintain your living areas. Roborock stocks a variety of robot vacuum cleaners, but let's look at how they adapt to cleaning different floor types. 

In this article, we'll address Roborock and how they deliver, the most common flooring types across Australia, and the features that robovacs offer to tackle that flooring. 

Understanding the Roborock Difference 

Roborock designs cutting-edge, highly intelligent robot vacuum and mop cleaning devices. Our machines have advanced features, from efficient navigation and multi-floor mapping to voice command and laser-based mapping. With powerful suction and mopping capabilities, Roborock's cordless vacuum cleaner robots suit various flooring types, from tiles and hardwood to vinyl and carpets. 

Roborock is a popular brand in the Australian market, largely due to the adaptable products we stock on our website. Our devices suit Australia's diverse floor surfaces to deliver excellence in cleaning. Whether it's tackling the dust on carpet, sopping up vinyl floor spills or polishing kitchen tiles. Roborock’s cordless vacuum is a one-size-fits-all solution for your household. 

Australian homes typically feature various flooring types, so you must find the best cordless vacuum cleaner to tackle each one as powerfully as possible. 

Types of Floors in Australian Homes 

Australian homes are built for the weather, so hardwood or vinyl flooring are popular options - they’re both timeless and durable. In kitchens and bathrooms, however, tiles are the most common flooring type. Bedrooms may also feature carpeting, another factor to consider when shopping for the best robot vacuum in Australia. You want the best mopping and vacuum robot so that it can tackle all of your floors. 

You need a robot vacuum that can adapt as the flooring changes, with powerful suction as it tackles carpets or gentle cleaning for your vinyl or hardwood. With the S8 Pro Ultra, you can set no-go zones, assign specific cleaning modes to different rooms, and set a schedule that works for you. The unit will even make no-go zone suggestions if there's a sneaky spot where it keeps getting stuck. 

Advanced Sensor Technology 

With PreciSense® LiDar navigation, sensors, and cameras, Roborock's robotic vacuum cleaners map their environment. When your unit is brand new, you can send it on its map quest to memorise your home and create maps and schedules within the smartphone app. This is also where it learns the different flooring and how to adapt. These sensors enable your cleaning unit to adapt appropriately so they clean thoroughly without damaging the different floor surfaces throughout your home. 

The Q7 Max+ has multi-level mapping, 3D mapping, scheduling, and routines. You can also use voice commands as it's compatible with most smart home devices. It also features a hefty dust bag that can go seven weeks without being emptied. So, if you want the best vacuum cleaner Australia, look no further. 

Customisable Cleaning Modes 

Every Roborock vacuum has a selection of cleaning modes to choose from. Quiet mode operates on a lower power level to maximise battery life and to avoid disturbing the peace. You can get the best of both worlds with balanced mode, but use turbo for the most powerful clean of all, though it will drain the battery more quickly. 

The benefit of different cleaning modes is you can select the one that suits your needs or for a specific flooring type. For example, you may want a more powerful cleaning mode for tackling kitchen tiles than you do for the vinyl floor in the entryway. Likewise, your bedroom carpeting may not need as deep cleaning as the living room with heavier traffic. 

With the S8+, you get enhanced carpet cleaning, powerful sonic mopping, smart navigation, and auto-emptying – all of which you can control from your smartphone! 

Adaptive Brush and Suction Power 

Whether you buy a budget vacuum or the best robot vacuum in Australia, Roborock delivers quality. Our vacuums adjust their suction power and brush automatically based on the type of flooring they are operating on. They detect the change and adapt automatically to ensure the utmost care is taken when thoroughly cleaning any flooring type. In addition to more efficient cleaning, another benefit of this feature is battery efficiency. Your battery lasts longer when your unit doesn't have to work harder than necessary. 

Additionally, the brushes and wheels are scratch-safe to avoid unfortunate scuffs on any flooring type. The Q Revo has plenty to offer, including rubber brushes to avoid tangles and it easily adapts to uneven ground as well. 

Maintenance Tips 

The key to ensuring optimal performance for your robotic vacuum is to follow all of the maintenance guidelines. That means ensuring the water tank is full, emptying the dustbin as required, and keeping the sensors clean. 

You can also remove any debris from the underside of the unit and detangle anything that gets caught up in the brushes or mops. For deeper cleaners, remove and wash the filter and allow it time to dry before you reinstall it. Check that the wheels can operate freely and remove the brushes to clear away any trapped debris. 

The unit sends alerts to the smartphone app when there's a maintenance issue – be sure to respond promptly. If you need a spare part, there are a range of accessories to shop, from water tanks to filters. 

Final Thoughts 

If you want a robot vacuum that can vacuum and mop and adapt to different floor types, then the Roborock offering can provide you with that. They bring adaptability and convenience, so if you're considering investing in a robot vacuum – look no further than the Roborock range. These units excel in adapting to varying floor types, making them an invaluable addition to any home. 

With advanced sensors and technology, they can automatically adjust their suction power and cleaning mode to provide the right clean for the surface they are on. They efficiently tackle debris, dirt, pair hair, and liquid spills to deliver a spotless home.

Roborock designs robot vacuums with cutting edge technology and offers a vast range of products. You can shop our range of robot vacuums on our online store.