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July 26, 2023

Efficient Cleaning on a Budget: Affordable Robot Vacuum Options

Robot vacuum cleaners aren't new, but they are better than ever. Not only are they more reliable than ever before, they are packed with additional features to provide you with more convenience, and they're more affordable than ever as well. 

The Benefits of Robot Vacuums 

If you are new to the world of robot vacuum and mop cleaners, there are many benefits to enjoy. One of the biggest benefits is the time-saving aspect of using a robot vacuum and mop. With a handy app at your disposal, you can set the perfect cleaning schedule for your home and let the robovac do the rest. You can also use the app to automate your cleaning routine with robotic vacuum cleaners. Map the cleaning path, create no-go zones, and set a schedule that works for you. 

Beyond that, regular vacuuming is key to improving your indoor air quality, which is important if you live with allergies or have a respiratory condition. The best mopping and vacuum robot will take care of those allergens and improve the cleanliness of your home. 

As great as cordless vacuum cleaners are, you still need a human to operate them, which means unless you have the time – the floors aren't being looked after. You might want to invest in a cordless vacuum to tackle the stairs or to keep your vehicle interiors clean, but other than that – your robot vacuum cleaner should be doing the heavy lifting. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Affordable Robot Vacuum 

If you are thinking about investing in the best robot vacuum in Australia, there are several factors to consider. Budget is, of course, a factor, but that isn't the only consideration. 

  • Cleaning Performance
  • With so many different options on the market, you have to look at how well your chosen robotic vacuum performs. Will it pick up your typical spills? Can it keep up with your busy home? 

  • Navigation
  • You need a cleaning robot with advanced navigation technology so it can avoid furniture and pets and deviate from its path when there are socks and toys in the way. 

  • Battery life
  • Battery life varies wildly from robovac to robovac. You have to consider the size of your home and how long it will take for a robot to make its way around the entirety of your home. Or, use the app to set a cleaning schedule that focuses on different rooms on different days. The typical battery life of a robot vacuum is around 180 minutes, and charging times vary. 

  • Additional features
  • If you want the robotic vacuum's best additional features – look for one that is compatible with smart home assistants. An app is a must because it allows you to create maps, no-go zones, and schedules that work for you. 

    Affordable Robot Vacuum Options from Roborock Australia 

    Q7 Max+

    If you’re looking for the best robot vacuum in Australia, the Roborock Q7 Max+ is a game-changer. Equipped with PreciSense™ LiDAR Navigation and ReactiveAI 2.0 Obstacle Avoidance, it offers an unparalleled cleaning experience. The impressive vacuum suction power, along with its mopping feature, ensures thorough cleaning across various surfaces. Its long-lasting 5200mAh Li-ion battery allows for up to three hours of operation on a single charge. It holds up to seven weeks of debris in its 2.5L dust bag, can digitally map your home, and has a powerful suction capacity of 4200Pa.


    The Roborock S7 is ideal for affordable dust, dirt, and debris removal from various surfaces, including hard floors and carpets. It has a mopping feature, ideal for handling spills, and the ultrasonic sensors detect carpeted areas. App connectivity allows easy monitoring and adjustments of cleaning routes and suction power, and the sonic mopping technology of 3000 vibrations per minute ensures deep cleaning. The S7 also has multi-level mapping, a durable rubber brush roll, and a safety lock.

    Dyad Pro

    The Dyad Pro is a hard floor cleaner that brings intelligent cleaning to a whole new level. Its innovative dual-brush design and impressive 17,000Pa suction power allow it to tackle a wide range of mess. Equipped with the DirTectTM Smart Sensor, it intuitively adjusts its cleaning power and water flow, ensuring optimal performance for every cleaning task. With up to 43 minutes of runtime and a 900ml clean water tank capacity, it is fast and convenient.

    How to Maximise Cleaning Efficiency on a Budget 

    Investing in an affordable robot vacuum is a clear step towards an efficient cleaning routine, but there are extra steps you can take. 

  • Set Cleaning Schedules
  • Within the robot vacuum app, you can create a cleaning schedule. This is a must-use feature! You can assign your robot to take a particular path to cover certain rooms on designated days to maximise its efficiency and battery life. 

  • Optimise Room Layouts
  • You can create rooms within rooms and no-go zones as well. The more detailed your layouts are the more efficient your robot vacuum will be. 

  • Maintain Regular Maintenance
  • To ensure your robovac operates to its full abilities, be sure to follow the recommended maintenance schedule. If you operate yours more frequently, you should empty the dustbin more often. Additionally, clean the brushes to prevent any pet or human hair clogs. 

    Final Thoughts 

    Whether you are interested in an affordable robot vacuum, a cordless vacuum cleaner, or the best vacuum cleaner in Australia, Roborock has a wide range of robot vacuum products to choose from at different price points for any budget.