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May 08, 2020

Five Clever Uses for your Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Almost every home has a vacuum cleaner in their possession. Whether it's an old handheld stick vacuum or a fancy new robot vacuum, regular cleaning is essential for every household. Vacuums are incredibly effective at picking up dust, cleaning crumbs and freshening up your car. However, are you really using your cleaner to its full potential?

Your simple vacuum appliance has a multitude of additional uses and tricks that you can take advantage of to make your life easier. First, make sure your vacuum is in tip-top condition and ready to go. Now, let's put it to work!


Find a Small Misplaced Item

You can use the concentrated suction and maneuverability of your vacuum to pick up lost or hard to reach items. Won't it just suck up my valuable piece of jewellery? Not with this handy trick.

Remove any attachments and place a pair of old tights or thin clothing over the vacuum cleaner's hose. Fasten it in place with a rubber band, so it doesn't fall off during your search. Move your vacuum across hard to see areas, such as in between couch cushions or behind furniture. You'll never know what you might find! You can also use this same technique to clean old toys or small items that would otherwise risk getting sucked up.


Fix Carpet Dents with the Help of Ice

You know those annoying imprints left when you move a piece of furniture? Vacuum cleaners can get rid of them with a nifty addition. Interestingly, Fluff discovered that if you place an ice cube on these indents, let them melt slightly, then run your vacuum cleaner over that spot, the dents are gone!

This trick is super useful when moving homes or remodelling your furniture. In addition to just cleaning your carpet, vacuum cleaners can make them look brand new.


Brushing and Grooming Your Pets

If your dog sheds hair, or you have a cat that loves to let you know their presence, you'll understand how intrusive pet hair can become. Brushing your pets is a necessary grooming task required to keep them healthy and clean. We all know vacuum cleaners are an essential tool to clean and minimise the build-up of potentially allergy-inducing pet hair around the home. However, have you ever considered brushing your pet with the vacuum cleaner itself? 

“It's undoubtedly an excellent method to minimise pet hair and spend quality time with your pet”

While we can't guarantee your pet will be a fan, many are! Use a soft dusting attachment and use it to brush them with low suction. If they enjoy it, it's undoubtedly an excellent method to minimise pet hair and spend quality time with your pet, all in one go.


Soothe Babies and Entertain Your Pets

Believe it or not, vacuuming can be a fantastic tool to create a soothing background 'white-noise' that babies find tend to find very calming. While it's not feasible to manually run your vacuum all day, programmable robot vacuums can do the job for you. 

Robot vacuums are fantastic devices that may not only soothe your toddler but entertain your pets. I'm sure we've all seen a video like this:

Cats seem to become fascinated by the magical movements of a robot cleaner. Using a robot vacuum to clean your floors and minimise pet hair has the bonus of keeping your pets engaged, entertained and well-behaved for hours.


Maintenance Hacks

Some aspects of using a vacuum cleaner aren't so fun. While we know that we should maintain our vacuum regularly, how many of us do it? 

A common issue people face is hair and lint that finds itself tangled within their vacuum's roller brush. It can be a painful area to maintain, given the delicacy and small space of the brush. Instead of using scissors to cut tangled debris, instead, use a seam ripper. They're small, convenient and cheap - give it a go.

If you're using a handheld vacuum or a poorly designed robot cleaner, accidental damage to your furniture and walls may be a concern. A simple solution to this prevalent problem is to tape over the head of your appliance with white masking tape. Voila!

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