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November 23, 2021

Five must-have features for a Robot Vacuum

So, you’ve decided to enter the 21st century and are considering purchasing a robotic vacuum. Congrats, and welcome onboard! A robot vacuum will quite literally change your life. You know what they say - once you go robotic, you never go back. 

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Although there’s a few robot vacuums on the market, there are five must-have features you should be aware of to ensure you purchase a product that is going to be cost efficient, time efficient, and durable! 

To save you some time, and confusion, Roborock has put together a checklist for you to compare and contrast available vacuums. Let’s take a look! 

Feature #1: Accompanying Mobile App 

This is a given. The best part about having a robotic vacuum is the ability to clean anywhere, at any time, because you don’t have to be there! 

To truly leverage this technological advancement, you must purchase a robotic vacuum that has an accompanying mobile app. This allows you to control the robot from anywhere - at breakfast, on a holiday, drinks, hiking - you get the gist! 

With this top tier feature, you never have to worry about coming home to dirty floors again. Instead of being reactive to messes, you can be proactive in keeping your floors clean and tidy. Infact, with the assisting app, you can even schedule certain times you want the robot to clean. Not that a robot needs a routine, but we certainly do! This, paired with the re-charging dock, means there’s no excuse to indulge in mess. 

Feature #2: Object Detection 

One of the best things about having a robot vacuum is, as mentioned, that you don’t have to be around to clean. Not only do you not have to put in the time and effort to clean, but you can clean your home from anywhere. For this to be possible, your robotic vacuum must have object detection. Let’s be realistic, there's always going to be something left on the floor, or perhaps you have a pet! You don’t want your cute kitty or puppy to be cleaned by a vacuum…

Whether it’s a pet, a stuffed toy, a book, or a pile of clothes - whatever it is, you certainly don't want it to get tangled up in the robot's brushes. In order to avoid catastrophe, your robotic vacuum must have object detection. This means, the laser senses of the robot vacuum pick up obstacles on it’s pathway. Because this is ever changing, and what you leave on the floor one day may differ to another, it can’t be computed. Your robot needs to be intelligent enough to detect the obstacle and avoid it in the most efficient manner, whilst still cleaning the maximum surface area as possible. 

Feature #3: Floor Mapping 

It’s difficult picking the top five features, because there’s so many essential features - but here’s one we simply can’t forget! In order to truly be self sufficient, and require no supervision, your robotic vacuum must have floor mapping. 

Your robotic vacuum should have the capability to remember the layout of your floor plan - and not just one floor plan, but multiple! You may have multiple levels to your apartment or house, so it’s crucial it has the space to program and memorise more than one space. 

By programming the layout of your home, the robot can get in the nooks and crannies of the area without risking falling down the stairs, being trapped under a table, or wandering the outdoors. This, paired with object detection, means the entire duration of the clean can be unsupervised without compromising on the efficacy. 

Feature #4: Self Cleaning

A robotic vacuum not only saves an abundance of time, time that you can dedicate to more enjoyable activities, but it also reduces the amount of chores you have to complete around the household, such as emptying the dishwasher, hanging the clothes, making the bed, and taking out the rubbish. It would be an incomplete robot vacuum if it eliminated the need for you to clean your floors, but required you to clean the vacuum. 

Before purchasing a robot vacuum, be sure it has a self cleaning attribute. Although, unfortunately it’s true - you will have to empty the dirty compartment every now and then, you should not need to empty the vacuum after every clean. The dustbin should be large enough to host the dirt for a few cleans, so you only need to empty the compartment weekly or fortnightly (depending on use). 

Don’t underestimate how important this feature is. Part of the reason you’re wanting to purchase a robot vacuum is to make the mundane chore mindless, so you don;t have to do anything except make a super smart investment. To achieve total mindlessness, you don’t want to be worrying about emptying the dust bag every day. It may sound like a less important feature, but trust us, it’s essential. 

Feature #5: Inbuilt mopping functionality 

I know this sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. Your cordless, handsfree robot cleaning should come with a dual functionality - vacuuming and mopping. The all in one feature results in a deeper clean, with less utensils, in less time, with less effort.

Incredible, right? The high tech tool can determine the difference between wooden floors and carpet, enabling harder suction on the wooly surface and water dispersion on wooden surfaces. 

There you have it, the top #5 essential features your robot vacuum must have! If you ensure the robot vacuum has all of the above features, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. That is no exaggeration. Imagine your ideal cleanliness, with minimal effort, and minimal thought.

Leave the dirty work to the robots, and spend your time doing things you love! With a robot vacuum at your deployment, you never have to compromise.