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October 30, 2020

Four Ways You Can Stay Safe From Hay Fever and Allergies at Home

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Allergies can be so inconvenient. You can’t work if your eyes are watering and your nose is dripping. Add itching into the mix, and allergies can be an incredibly miserable infliction. Kids are hit incredibly hard because they have a lower tolerance for things that interfere with their fun and play or their focus for studying. 

The most common allergies are hay fever, contact dermatitis, asthma, and conjunctivitis. Because these allergies can often be a significant problem in our lives, you want to make sure you avoid triggering them, for yourself and your kids. Home should be the safest space from allergies!

What Causes Hay Fever and Similar Allergies? 

Exposure to common allergens causes the vast majority of allergies, including hay fever. These common allergens cause uncomfortable symptoms like itching, watering eyes and nose, sneezing and coughing, and can even lead to severe allergic reactions like hives and inflammation. The most common allergens and their sources include:

  • Outdoors: tree pollen, plant pollen, insect bites or stings
  • Indoors: pet or animal hair or fur, dust mites, mould
  • Irritants: cigarette smoke, perfume, car exhaust
  • Foods: peanuts, eggs, milk and milk products
  • Medicines: including ibuprofen, aspirin and certain antibiotics

How Do Allergies Affect Children and Our Health?

Allergies are very common among both children and adults. Around 50% of schoolchildren are reported sensitive to allergens (this includes all types). The CDC in the USA estimated that 5.5 million children had hay fever symptoms, while 7.6 million kids had respiratory allergies in 2016, while 19.2 million adults were diagnosed. The rates are similar here in Australia!

Hay fever and allergy complications include ear infections, nasal congestion, poor sleep, and reduced quality of life (absence from school and work). Ear infections and nasal congestion, aggravated by coughing, sneezing, and a runny nose, often lead to sleeping difficulties. This causes people who have allergies to miss the essential sleep they need to recover and perform at their best. 

Hay fever and allergies can interfere with your happiness and productivity. People who experience symptoms have more absences from work or school. Hay fever and allergies have a significant impact on school kids’ absences. The recurring episodes of absenteeism decrease school performance or add more pressure for your child to make up for it later down the track.

How to Stay Safe at Home 

  • Pet Care 

Aside from pet hairs, your furry friends may pick up pollen in their fur when they go outside. Give your pet a bath or wipe their coat down with a damp cloth and you’ll cut indoor allergens by as much as 80%.

  • Take Hay fever and Allergy Remedies

Effective treatment is available in many forms, including medications and desensitisation therapy (immunotherapy). Consult your doctor for medical advice and take the prescribed medicine, usually before your allergy is triggered.

  • No Smoking

Avoid cigarette smoke and quit if you’re a smoker. Smoking can make your hay fever and allergy symptoms much worse than usual. It won’t be easy, but you’ll be healthier and your allergies may be less aggravated, so what can it hurt?

  • Keep Your Home Allergen-Free 

One of the most important things is to clean your home. Keep all your surfaces, floors, and carpets as dust-free as possible. Make sure you vacuum the house regularly, sucking up all the loose pollen, dust mites, pet hairs, and dirt. 

Choose a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. A high- tech vacuum cleaner like a robotic vacuum provides many benefits to your home, such as powerful cleaning performance and enhancing your air quality.

It eliminates dust, pollen and pet hair from your home and helps minimise unwanted smells, detects all levels of dirt, cleans hard to reach places, carpets, and furniture. Vacuums make a big contribution to keeping your home free from indoor and outdoor allergens and keeping you and your family safe.


Hay fever and allergies are common health problems but can be prevented in your home. Following the ways to stay safe will prevent triggering hay fever and other allergies. 

A clean environment is helpful to your well-being. Having a cleaner home means having cleaner air, which is very important to stay healthy. The air you breathe will give many more health benefits to you and your family than we realise. 

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