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January 15, 2021

How to Have More Time to Play with Your Kids

play with kids

More than just a chance to have fun, play is essential to a child's health and development. Parenting can be a little overwhelming. Juggling all your tasks at work and at home while making time to play with your kids is a challenging thing to do. On those hectic days, don’t you wish you had more time to play with your kids without neglecting your other responsibilities? You can’t slow down time and your work never stops. That’s why we gathered these tips so you can have more time enjoying your kids.

Know how much time you have 

Schedule time for work and family. Make sure your day will not only be consumed by your work alone or run errands asked by your friend, watch someone's kids or volunteer. Integrate “together time” into your daily schedule so you can say “no” to more work or commitments when you're already out of time. 

For weekdays, spend a short time playing with them, build closeness through bedtime stories or allot your Friday Night or weekends for a fun family game. You may want to keep it super simple or incredibly awesome. 

Declutter and organise your schedule

If you have a fully packed schedule, meetings, errands, tasks, projects and appointments, streamline it, so it’s not so jam-packed. Check your schedule and find the stuff you can remove. Cancel or reschedule. Leave big blank spaces in your schedule so you can fill them with family time.

You can create more time by outsourcing or hiring help. Declutter your schedule by handing off some responsibilities to someone else. Brainstorm tasks you could delegate. 

Think about:

  • Is there someone in your family that you can share the load with when it comes to household chores?
  • Could you pay someone to do this job?
  • Can you automate a work task with platforms and tools? 
  • Can you use smart home technology to make life easier?

Plan weekends 

Many parents keep weekends sacrosanct for their kids. Whether staying at home or going out, make time for the family on weekends. It’s also your chance to recharge and destress from the week. Clear your weekend schedule for you to rest and have fun with your family.

Shop online

Do your shopping in minutes without spending time going outside to visit the grocery or the department store and then standing in long lines at checkout. 

Use an online shopping app to manage your groceries and other stuff you want to buy. You’re just one click away to add and purchase the items you need. You’ll save time and energy, and better spend it playing with your kids. 

Use smart appliances for your household chores 

Many smart home appliances save time and preserve your energy for more enjoyable activities. These are the appliances that take the most routinary tasks out of your hands. 

  • Smart Pressure Cookers 

It’s a programmable multi-cooker that you can control from your mobile devices: schedule, cook, monitor your meals and get notifications when it’s done. Cooking your meals has never been easier, giving you more time with your whole family. 

  • Smart Laundry 

Another routinary task is to keep your clothes, curtains, and beddings clean. With a smart laundry machine, you can get it done even while you’re playing with your kids. Connect it with your mobile devices, or syncs to any of your network devices so you can monitor and customise the cycle of your laundry.

  • Robot Vacuums

You can program your robotic vacuum cleaner into a specific time or day you want the cleaning done. It accepts schedules and automatically runs on days and times you’ve set. Vacuum when you’re working, sleeping and while playing with your kids. 

Removing this task in your priority frees up your schedule so you can focus more on your kids.

“Your children get only one childhood. Make it memorable.” 

-Regina Brett

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