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January 15, 2021

How to Keep Your Pet-Filled Home Fresh and Smelling Great

pet and cleaning

Our furry friends are more than just animals, they’re loving family members too. And since we share the same space with them, we can’t avoid seeing their hair on the floor, fur on pillows and furniture, or even accidents left by our pets.

Due to dirt and odours they get from what they eat or roll around in, and bodily functions, pets are prone to smelling bad. Keeping your home clean and fresh while having pets can be challenging. Fortunately, there are many useful ways on how to keep your pet-filled home fresh and smelling great.

Give Your Pets Regular Baths 

Regular baths keep your pets feeling and smelling fresh. Cats keep themselves clean, but some breeds need regular baths for their coats and scent. Check with your vet about how to get your kittens or rescue cats acclimated to bathing. Dogs can be easier to bathe in the bathtub or by using a special mat outdoors.

Baths are essential to your pets’ health because it also gets rid of skin bacteria that can lead to hot spots and other undesirable skin and coat conditions. Of course, it also keeps them clean enough to clamber into the couch or bed with you.

Use Odor Reducing Quick Wipes 

An easy way to clean your pets is to wipe them if you don’t have much time for a full-on bath. Pet-friendly wipes (gentle and safe for everyday use) help freshen up your pet if they like to go for an outside walk. There are a variety of pet wipes that not just get rid of bad smells, dirt, and mud, they also combat fleas, ticks, and skin allergies.

Wash Your Pet’s Items

Wash your pet’s toys, beddings, blankets, drinking and eating bowls, collars, etc. Use mild soaps and clean water (usually hot water) for washing. Cleaning your pet’s belongings regularly will not just leave a fresh and great smelling home, it will also reduce the risk of your pet getting sick because of bacteria and microscopic pests like mites, ticks and fleas that they might bring from outdoors.

Purchase a Puppy Potty Trainer

A puppy potty trainer will trick your pet that they’re peeing on real grass. Pets using these potty training pads will avoid damaging your carpet and furniture. Pet stains are challenging to get rid of, and so is the bad smell. Potty training pads themselves help to protect your home from damage, it has a pheromone that attracts your puppy to use them, so they’ll be less likely to soil your carpet or furniture. 

Try an Air Purifying Bag 

An air purifying bag is filled with a mineral material (usually bamboo charcoal) that helps deodorise the room. The size of air-purifying bags is small, making it easy to carry and fit into different areas you want. Not only does it deodorise your home, but it also removes allergens left by your pets.

Invest In a Good Vacuum Cleaner 

Furry friends' hair sheds like crazy, which causes an excess of dust to build up in your home as well as a range of unpleasant odours. You may find it hard to maintain clean floors and furniture when you have pets who walk or climb wherever they please. 

That’s why it’s so important to have a high-quality vacuum cleaner that will not just clean your floors but cleanse your indoor air too. Robotic vacuum cleaners are new models of vacuums that have advanced methods to achieve the task as efficiently as possible on your behalf. 

You can start your cleaning job by scheduling the day and time you prefer using your phone. Set the timer, mode, and speed so that it will go through your home and pick up your pet’s hair before it gets out of hand. 

Your pets may also pick up pollen in their fur when they go outside. Choose a robot vacuum that has a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. It cleans the air, eliminates unwanted smells, and reduces allergens-giving you solid and reliable indoor air quality. 

 “A pet will fill your home with love, not necessarily a funny smell. Enjoy your pets in a clean and nice-smelling home.” 

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