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November 27, 2020

How to Maintain Your Home While Travelling

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A home left empty while you enjoy your retirement on a long cruise or trip is tempting for criminals, yes. As well, the dust, dirt and mugginess does pile up and makes it less inviting to come home to. Wouldn’t it be lovely to come home to an airy, clean home? With today’s technology and your trusted family and friends, that’s possible! Here are some ways to maintain your home while you’re away: 

Don't announce it on social media 

In today’s generation, everyone seems to blab their business on social media. We all share personal information without realising that this may cause us harm from strangers who might read our posts. 

 “It’s not a good idea to share on social media that your house will be vacant for weeks.”

Though it's exciting to go on holiday, it’s not a good idea to share on social media that your house will be vacant for weeks or even a couple of days. Not posting on social media is one of the best privacy tips everyone should know while travelling. Just privately message the few close friends and family who need to know, and then simply surprise everyone with your photos later when you post them when you’re already back home!

Pets and plants

You know your pet’s specific needs, and leaving them behind can be a tough decision. That’s why it's essential to hire a pet caretaker and give them complete information such as detailed instructions of your pet’s food, supplement, medications, and cleaning schedules. 

As a pet parent, choose the best person to take over the job. You want to avoid kennels unless they’re excellent. See if any of your friends or family are willing to pet sit, or see your local pages for professional pet sitters.

While thinking about your pets, let’s not forget your plants. Use water globes to water them for a few days to a couple of weeks. You can also hack your own water globes by trying the bottle method. Fill up a wine or a small plastic bottle with water. Create a hole in the lid, hold your thumb over the top and bury it upside down, so the neck of the bottle is submerged into the soil. The water will slowly release into the soil over the week!

If you’re not comfortable with it, and if you’ll be away long enough try to ask a friendly neighbour or a relative who is willing to drop by and water your plants. Your house-sitter is an ideal solution if you need to prune your plants.


Look for a house-sitter to ensure that the needs of your animals and property are met. Your house-sitter is always on hand to organise repairs in case a minor or major emergency occurs in your home during your absence. If there's a power outage, your house-sitter will manage your home so you won't have to face the contents of your refrigerator once you return.

Aside from keeping burglars away, a house sitter can do little maintenance chores as agreed, like keeping the pool clean or arranging for repairs as needed. You’ll return to a clean home, and if something happens while you’re gone, a house sitter will be there to let you know right away.

Use smart home devices

  • Smart locks

Keyless entry to your property not only adds convenience but also offers peace of mind when you’re away. If you have a house sitter or someone who’ll check on your pets, you can send them a temporary access permission code and set an expiration time for added safety.

Anyone with a temporary access code can enter the house easily using a mobile application. You’ll receive security notifications so you can review who enters the home and know when may be an issue at the house.

  • Video doorbell

Video doorbells use integrated surveillance cameras. It shows real-time feed outside your home and detects motion. Video doorbell automatically notifies your smartphone, computer, or tablets whenever someone is near your door. 

You'll be able to see a clear vision of them and even speak to them anywhere without revealing that you’re away from home. And if someone comes to the door at night, video doorbells offer night vision capabilities that can capture high-resolution footage.

  • Smart lighting

Install a smart lighting system that turns on and off in intervals. This will keep your home well-lit and will never look unoccupied. Using an intelligent lighting system is environment friendly: it means you won't leave any lights on throughout your entire vacation. 

Outdoor lights should be on at night and off during the day, while your indoor lights should go on and off. You can always check the lights and control them from the app. Create a schedule that replicates what you usually do at home using your lights.

  • Smart assistants

Control your other smart home devices using smart assistants. You can easily program different requests and pieces of information. These smart assistants are the point of communication between you and all your connected devices. They get info and perform the task while you’re on vacation like setting timers, turning your lights on and off, open and close your curtains, control your thermostats, and many more. 

  • Robot vacuum cleaners

Come home to squeaky clean floors and clean indoor air. Run a robotic vacuum to clean your home even when you're away. You can schedule the cleaning depending on the day and time you want it done using your phone.

“Enjoy your vacation while leaving your home safe and clean.” 

Set the timer, mode, and speed so that it will go through your home without worrying if it may fall down your stairs or get a low battery because robot vacuums use smart sensors and recharged on their own. Some robot vacuums have cameras too which you can use to monitor your home. It will not just leave your house clean, but they also help to secure your home. 

Retiring from work to experience life to the max is a gift for your well-being. Good thing you can enjoy it while maintaining your home safe and clean! Roborock’s robot vacuums are loved by thousands of Australians. Check out our most advanced robot vacuum today and experience less time cleaning, more time living!