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October 07, 2020

Mothers! Save Heaps of Time With a Robot Vacuum

Monther with a child

Life as a mother can be extremely busy and time-consuming. Whether you’re currently pregnant or have kids already, you’ll want to give everything you can for your children. As much joy as they bring, there never seems to be enough time in the day. And, they’re often incredibly messy. Like many others, you probably find yourself struggling to keep a tidy home, and that’s okay! Fortunately, there are a range of tools mothers can use to maximise the quality time spent with their children. 

One of the best investments often touted as a life-saver by new mums is an ultra-intelligent robot vacuum. Robovacs are excellent tools that automate almost the entire cleaning process (including mopping) no matter where you are or what you’re doing around the home or in the office. Here’s why:

Spend more time with your children

Robot vacuums should be heralded as the modern washing machine! Most of us spend up to an hour everyday cleaning, of which a large portion involves vacuuming and mopping dust, dirt and other debris from our floors. Robovac’s automate this process (yes, even mopping!) through advanced floor mapping and cleaning route optimisation.

Use a convenient mobile app to set when you want your home cleaned, as well as which rooms you want to be included or excluded. Your smart robot will return to its base when it runs out of battery, recharging itself and continuing the job when it’s powered up again. Most robot vacuums will integrate with your smart home control device, so use your voice to command your robot if you’re in the middle of playtime. 

Suitable for the whole family

Advanced robot vacuums are engineered with the whole family in mind, including your furry friends! With a range of inbuilt sensors and cameras, they intelligently navigate your floors, avoiding obstacles such as kid and dog toys. Some models allow you to see through their eyes, with a remote viewing feature - check-in on the kids while you’re out and about!

“Customise the cleaning to the main rooms your dogs and cats use for the most efficient pet hair maintenance.”

Let’s be honest; pet hair is an absolute nuisance. A weekly vacuum isn’t frequent enough to keep it at bay and more regular cleaning isn’t convenient, so most of us learn to live with it - potential allergies, hay fever, smell and all. Robovacs are the perfect solution to pesky pet hair. Simply program them to run on a daily basis. Better yet, customise the cleaning to the main rooms your dogs and cats use for the most efficient pet hair maintenance.

Busy professional? Come home to a clean home

Power mums rejoice. Working hard to provide for your loving family is hard enough as it is, let alone being a mother. The real beauty of a robot vacuum shines when you seamlessly experience the benefits without the interruptions. Map every floor in your home and customise your cleaning sessions no matter where you are. Run your vacuum at 2 pm in the afternoon while your kids are at school and you’re deep in the daily team meeting. Come home after the school run knowing there’s a spotless floor waiting for you, every time.

Make pregnancy a little bit easier

A robot vacuum is not a downgrade from a traditional upright vacuum, in fact, it’s everything you’re accustomed to, and more. With extra strong suction power up to 2,000 Pa (a lot!), intelligent carpet-boost and super long-lasting battery power, robovacs are entirely up to the task. Better brands such as Roborock, include a mopping function into their designs, meaning there’s seldom a need to do anything manually yourself. No pushing, no bending over and most importantly, no stress.

Roborock’s S6 MaxV is the perfect vacuum for busy mums - it truly has it all. You’re not still doing the laundry or washing the dishes by hand, so why sweep and mop when you no longer have to? Follow Roborock Australia on Facebook or Instagram for more updates and, if you have any questions or just need some advice, contact us today.