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March 03, 2021

Roborock: 2021 Summer Cleaning Guide

summer cleaning guide

Summer is for the sunny outdoors and just chilling out indoors. Families have backyard barbecues, spend time gardening, and stay in their air-conditioned living rooms for reading or binge-watching TV. 

With all the activities at home, even more so now we can’t really go out much, it’s essential to maximise this time to get things clean and make this sunny season even more enjoyable for the family. 

Start a garden clean up

Unlike spring, summer is dry enough to clean up the garden and yard without dealing with mud. All your gardening supplies need a seasonal scrub. In their time in storage, they might have developed rust and stubborn dirt. Clean and take care of your garden tools, prune your plants and look for signs of disease and insect problems while pruning. Clean your garden pots. Old soil isn’t healthy for plants. Also, mid-summer is the perfect time to fertilise your garden and the lawn. 

Clean off the patio and driveways

Depending on the type of driveway or patios you have, you might want to rent a pressure washer for deep cleaning. Otherwise, you can use a water hose, a bristled broom and soapy water. For wooden patios, check for the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Prep your outdoor space 

Outdoor living spaces are delightful for small get-togethers to highlight summertime. Outdoor lounge areas may have collected dust and dirt since last summer. Wipe down your outdoor furniture or use the vacuum. You can also gently scrub them with warm water with a small amount of dish soap or laundry detergent.



Sunny weather means plenty of backyard cookouts like barbecues and burgers. Get that grill, and have it ready for summer grilling. 

Go online or visit your physical hardware store and look for grill-cleaning tools or gadgets. Avoid toxic cleaning agents in cleaning your grill since they can give an off taste to food. Instead, use warm water, grease-cutting dish soap, or a dash of white vinegar and baking soda solution. Carbon deposits in your grill aren’t just ugly; these grease and sugary sauces can stick and harbour bacteria.

Clean out gutters

Gutter cleaning in the summer is a vital fire preventive maintenance for your home as it is continuously exposed to extreme heat periods. Summer storms also come with high winds and can shake things loose from nearby trees, which means there will be debris in your gutters throughout the summer.

“Everyone wants to spend their summer vacation enjoying and relaxing, but that’s hard to do if you keep thinking about house cleaning.”

Wear gloves and remove debris such as sticks and leaves from your gutters. Use a scrub brush and a gentle soap to clean out your gutters. As you scrub off the mould, moss, and algae from the gutters, look for areas that are rusted, holes that need to be filled, or places where the gutter is askew. Replace rusty spots and fix gaps or leaks.

Keeping floors clean 

Summer means more work in your home and everyone going in and out. Lots of foot traffic! From small family gatherings to children playing, keeping carpets and floors clean can be a big challenge.

  • Shoes off. Shoes spread germs, so just take them off at the door. This will also lessen the dirt and dust that gets into the rugs and floors. 
  • Clean stains immediately. Popsicle drips, melting ice creams, soda, fruit juices or snacks can leave stains on your carpet, floors and upholstery. They should be cleaned up immediately. Take a cloth or a white paper towel to absorb a liquid stain or use a stain removal sheet. 
  • Vacuum. Vacuuming regularly is a good cleaning tip for rugs and floors during summers. It will help you keep off germs, sand, and small dust particles in the air during sunny seasons. Use robot vacuums to easily set the mode and speed of your vacuum cleaner and let it run on the days you’ve scheduled. Robot vacuums with HEPA filters will purify your indoor air for fresh smelling homes during summer.

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