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October 07, 2020

Robot Vacuums are the Perfect Cleaning Solution for the Elderly

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It’s usually teenagers that are okay living in a pigsty, not your elderly parents. While it might not be for us to tell the next generation how to look after their environment, it’s undoubtedly true that cleaning becomes more important as we age. As we get older, our immune system declines, our physical health (including strength and endurance) deteriorates, and our tolerance for mundane tasks is not what it once was. These same reasons also make cleaning and other similar chores more challenging and more dangerous to do. 

For example, regular manual vacuuming takes the elderly hours to complete, while also exposing them to a range of injury risks - including back sprains, knee and hip joint irritation, as well as arm strains. If you care for an older adult, are concerned offspring or are one yourself, the appeal of a solution that eliminates the need to vacuum is likely high up your priority list. Fortunately, there is a perfect solution - a robot vacuum! Here’s why:

Limit the risk of falls

Falls are common in the elderly and can cause serious harm to those most vulnerable. Dirty floors increase the risk of slips and other accidents, so cleaning is a priority for homes with older members. Having said that, the physical labour involved with pushing around a manual vacuum is not a viable solution either. Fortunately, robot vacuums can keep all floor surfaces clean and have no need for physical labour. You don’t need to bend over or make acrobatic reaches to service difficult areas of the home. Automated robot vacuums are therefore perfect for anyone with arthritis or any other similar pains, such as back issues given physical movement is not required. Keep your floors fresh, without the risks.

More free time to enjoy life

Young or old, we all want more time. Robot vacuums give you that. The beauty of a robot stems from the ability to map your home, select which rooms you want to be cleaned as well as when. Program your vacuum to clean when it suits your lifestyle. If you’re a caregiver, spend more time providing quality personable care for those in need, instead of chores such as vacuuming or mopping. 

“If you’re on holiday, you can leave your robot running, knowing you’ll be coming back to a fresh home.”

If you’re older yourself, free up time to enjoy the special things in life and enjoy your retirement. Even if you’re away from home on holiday, you can have your robot running as usual, knowing you’ll be coming back to a fresh home. Don’t waste it on mind-numbing tasks!

Clean under hard-to-move furniture 

Furniture can be difficult to move for the strongest of us, let alone the elderly. The floors under your home’s furnishings, such as chairs, tables and lounges, are almost always criminally under vacuumed. Many robot vacuums can clean under that furniture for you with ease, saving the hassle of moving them around.

“Robot vacuums will clean under your bed effortlessly, keeping your room of rest healthy”

A particularly important area is your bed. When was the last time you cleaned under your bed? You probably can’t remember, and yet it’s one of the most important places to keep spotless. You spend a third of your day in your bed, and it’s a hotspot for food, bugs, hair and other debris. Robot vacuums will clean under your bed effortlessly, keeping your room of rest healthy.

Robot vacuums provide company

Robots are a lot of fun! They’re packed with cool technology and science has suggested they even have their own personalities that us humans can pick up on. Many people treat their robot as a pet as they still need some maintenance. Emptying their dust canister, occasional part replacements and filling up their mop water tank provide some engaging yet simple tasks for owners to complete. Robots very well might provide the elderly with some welcome company, perhaps even a new best friend around the home. 

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