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September 15, 2023

Robot Vacuums for Allergen Control: Keeping Your Home Fresh and Clean

Ahchoo! As we head into Spring, you might notice you’re sneezing a lot more than you usually do. You can thank allergens for that. They’re like a hidden enemy. You don’t always see them, and they tend to strike when you least expect it (or want them to). They’re all around us, in the grass, the trees outside – even in our homes - and one in five Australians have a problem with them, particularly in Spring. 

Unfortunately, you can’t do much about the wattle flowers outside your window; but you can do something about the allergens inside your home. Whether it's dust mites invading your carpets and bedding, pet dander giving you itchy eyes, or pollen that’s blown in your windows and doors with the wind – there is one possible solution to your woes. 

A Roborock robot vacuum cleaner.

The Role of Vacuuming in Allergen Control

It seems like a never ending battle dealing with tiny particles that trigger your allergies, but using a vacuum cleaner regularly can help eliminate allergenic particles, reducing their presence in your home. It’s like a magic wand. Regular vacuuming can: 

  • Physically remove allergens like dust mites, pet dander, and pollen from your home environment, including in your carpets, rugs, and upholstery.
  • Prevent allergen build-up. If left unchecked, allergens can build up over time, increasing the risk of triggering allergic reactions. Regular vacuuming prevents this build-up.
  • Improve your air quality. Many vacuums have filters that trap small particles, stopping them from being released back into the air. This means fewer allergens are circulating in your indoor air.
  • Reduce mould in the home. In damp areas, regular vacuuming can remove mould spores and prevent them from settling and multiplying.
  • For households with pets, regular vacuuming helps manage pet allergies by continuously removing pet dander from your home. 

Despite the benefits, vacuuming is also a tedious task – and let’s face it, we don’t all have the time or energy to spend vacuuming the house every day. That’s where a robovac comes in. These smart devices not only save you precious time but also reach any tricky spots where allergens might be hiding.

The Advantages of Robot Vacuums

There are plenty of things to love about robot vacuum cleaners when it comes to allergen control. To start with, they’re convenient - they automate the cleaning process, freeing up your time for more important things. They also operate independently, requiring minimal input from you, so they’ll clean your home even when you're at work or on holiday. 

A robotic cordless vacuum cleaner is also designed to reach difficult areas where traditional vacuum cleaners might not fit – such as under your bed. This helps to make sure no allergen hotspots are missed. The best cordless robo vacuum cleaner options are also consistent – you can schedule a clean to happen at the same time each day or week to ensure allergens don’t build up. This is particularly useful in peak pollen season! 

Most robot vacuums also come equipped with high-efficiency filters which are designed to trap small allergenic particles. And, some robot vacuum and mop models, like the Roborock Q Revo, offer advanced features like smart mapping and focused cleaning, so your system can identify and concentrate on areas with high levels of dust and allergens.

Roborock Australia for Allergen Control

Roborock Australia is known for producing the some of the best robot vacuums in Australia, and they have a range of models that fit the bill. But it’s the allergen control features that really make Roborock’s robot vacuum and mop range stand out.

Essentially, all Roborock robot vacuums are designed with allergen control in mind.The filterthat capture small allergenic particles, powerful suction to remove allergens from surfaces, and advanced sensors for comprehensive cleaning.

The Roborock S7, Q Revo, S8 Pro Ultra for example, offer superior suction power and intelligent mapping, which is particularly effective at allergen control. They’re not just designed to keep your home clean, they’ll also help you maintain a healthier living environment. They come with several features that make them effective tools for allergen control.


E11 filters can capture minuscule allergenic particles as small as 0.3 microns, which include dust mites and pollen. By trapping these particles, the E11  filters prevent them from being released back into your home, keeping your air clean.

Powerful Suction

Roborock's robot vacuums are known for their powerful suction, which is essential for removing allergens from floors and other surface example, offer superior suction power that can effectively lift and remove allergens embedded in carpets, rugs, and furniture.

Advanced Sensors and Intelligent Mapping

The advanced sensors and intelligent mapping capabilities of Roborock vacuums also ensure your home gets the best clean. These features allow the vacuums to navigate around obstacles, reach into corners, and clean under furniture, where allergens often hide.

Automated Cleaning

Roborock's best robot vacuum models also offer automated cleaning, meaning they can be scheduled to clean at regular intervals. This feature is essential to prevent the build-up of allergens over time.

Maintenance and Care Tips

You could have the best vacuum cleaner in Australia, but if you're not taking care of it, it won't last, particularly when it comes to allergy control. A well-maintained robot vacuum is more efficient at removing allergenic particles, and it's going to last longer. 

Cleaning or replacing air filters, inspecting and cleaning the brushes and rollers, and occasionally wiping down sensors located on the bottom of the robot, will ensure your vacuum continues to capture and contain allergens. 

You should empty the bin regularly, clean the brush rolls and wheels weekly, and deep clean the brushes monthly. It's also important to check the wheels for stuck debris and clean them often to ensure efficient movement. 

When it comes to the main brush, which pulls in dirt, lint, and hair into the dust chamber, check it after every use and cut away any debris wrapped around it. Once a month, remove the main brush completely, wash it in warm water and mild dish soap, rinse it, and let it dry fully before putting it back.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a quality Roborock robot vacuum like the Q Revo can help make your home cleaner and more allergen-free. These devices offer a smart, efficient way to tackle household allergens, helping you maintain a fresh and healthy living environment.

Browse our Roborock Australia website to explore the full range of robot cleaner cordless products and learn first-hand how they can help tackle allergens in your home.