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January 15, 2021

Save Time With These Top Smart Home Devices

smart home devices

Handling the demands of work and home is difficult. It may be hard to find time for everyday tasks, but some have it easier with their smart home. “Smart Home” refers to a convenient home setup where your appliances and devices work for you. They can be automatically controlled remotely with an internet connection using your mobile or other networked devices. 

There are many smart home devices out there that will save you time. However, some are definitely more effective than others. Specific device categories are exceptional at taking routine tasks or making them so much easier so that you can focus on other things, such as spending time with your family or taking your retirement more comfortable.

Top smart home devices that save your time

Smart lock

On top of the list, is a device that sits right on your doorstep. Smart locks add convenience to your life with its features like remote access and voice control. You’ll have less worry about leaving your doors unlocked. No more digging in bags to find your keys. Smart locks let you open your door with a simple code.

This keyless entry gives robbers no way to access the deadlock and gives you alerts to suspicious activity. It can be difficult to access traditional locks for the elderly and those with disabilities. With a smart lock, they can have easy access to their homes, as well as greater independence.

Security camera and video doorbell

Long gone are the manual ‘ding-dongs’ of the past. Your security camera is now built into the digital doorbell. This device gives you more access to monitor the security of your home. This warns robbers that an alarm and security system is in place to prevent crime, especially those who are attempting to steal the deliveries left unattended on your doorstep. 

“You can speak to your visitors without having to open your door via your smartphone.”

You can speak to your visitors without having to open your door via your smartphone. This provides an added layer of safety since you can talk to them anywhere, without revealing that you’re away from home. The camera also captures images for you to view later, so you can track who came while you're away. And if someone comes to the door at night, video doorbells offer night vision capabilities that can capture high-resolution footage. 

Smart Pet Camera 

For pet owners, one of the hardest things is leaving their fur babies at home alone. It’s a good thing that smart home devices don't just help humans; they also benefit your four-legged friends. Whether you’re at work, on holiday or running errands, a pet camera has a remote observation to keep an eye on your pet. 

Pet cameras also help you monitor your pet’s health. It reveals patterns you might not notice because of your work. You can review its stored footage from the past days, weeks, and even up to a month to identify any symptoms or troublesome behaviour. You can show the footage to your vet to get a better insight. 

Your pets miss you too! Particularly your pet dogs - they know how long you’ve been gone making them prone to separation anxiety and depression. Pet cameras are a way to give them quality time and lift their spirits. Many offer video streaming features, so you can speak and play with your pets over the device. This saves you time without neglecting interactions with your loved pets. 

Smart Assistants

Another smart device you’ll want to get is a smart assistant. Smart assistants help you control your other smart home devices using just your voice. Whether it’s Alexa, Cortana, Google or Siri, these will help lighten the workload of your families’ busy lives. These smart assistants are the point of communication between you and all your connected devices. 

“Smart assistants greatly benefit the whole family, from children to the elderly.”

They get info and perform tasks like setting timers and reminders for you, answering questions, providing the weather forecast, turning off and on the lights and many more. All these things smart assistants do allow you to spend less time on menial tasks and dedicate more of your focus on bigger-picture things like family, work, and your own health. Smart assistants greatly benefit the whole family, from children to the elderly.


All the conveniences when it comes to managing your smart home devices happen from just a tap on your smartphone. Nowadays, as we know, smartphones go way beyond calling or texting. You can use your phone for shopping online, ordering meals, playing games, delivering groceries, paying bills and so much more. 

Smartphones can even give you access to different functions of your appliances and devices in your home, and from anywhere you are. Learning how to utilise smartphones with your other devices can benefit you so much, especially in the comfort of your home - helping you save more time and energy!

Smart Robot Vacuum

Why spend time vacuuming when a robot can do it for you? A robotic vacuum cleaner helps you clean your home without a hassle. They have advanced navigation and powerful suction to collect almost as much dirt, dust, and debris as regular vacuums, leaving your floors, furniture and other surfaces clean and sanitised. 

Robot vacuum cleaners use smart sensors to map your home, devise the most energy-efficient route, set customisable cleaning zones, stop themselves from falling down your stairs and recharge on their own. Robot vacuums accept schedules and will automatically run on days and times you’ve set. Set the mode, speed, where you want cleaning, and when you want it done. Having a robot vacuum cleaner in your home allows you to free yourself of time and effort, which you can allocate to other tasks, or simply to enjoy your little ones. Plus, they have important benefits for our health and well-being. 

Roborock’s robot vacuums are loved by thousands of Australians. Check out our most advanced robot vacuum today, and experience less time cleaning, more time living!