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January 15, 2021

The 11 Best Gifts For Pet Parents

pet parents

For all the people in your life who love their pet as much as other people love their kids, give them a pet-themed gift that they’ll “paws-itively” love. Shopping for a pet parent can be tricky with all the choices out there, whether it's from online or from a department store. 

It may take a little extra time to think about giving a present they’ll like. Pet parents can be picky! So we created a list for you! Check out these best gifts for pet owners, whether it's for your pet parent friend or for their fluffy four-legged pet. 

Pet Camera

Pet parents who often leave the house for work or errands will love a pet camera and its remote observation features to keep an eye on their pet 24/7. 

Pet cameras also help in health monitoring, especially for multi-pet households. Sometimes it’s a mystery which pet threw up, for example. A pet camera reveals patterns the owner might not notice. They can review footage from the past days, weeks, and months, see any symptoms or troublesome behaviour and show the footage to their vet. 

Homemade Pet Treat Maker

Loving (and picky or discerning) pet parents would be thrilled to feed their pet something homemade. Store-bought treats can have so many troubling ingredients. In this case, just fill the waffle iron with one of the recipes from the cookbook. Try different recipes daily or during special occasions for a fresh bone-shaped treat!

Pet Carrier Backpack

A backpack pet carrier is simple to use while travelling, hiking, or taking walks for exercise. A pet parent will free up their hands and quickly bring their small dog or cat along with them since their pet’s weight is distributed consistently through the large muscular area of their back compared with a shoulder carrier. It has zippers on the top panel to make loading and to unload their pet easier. It has panels for fresh air and side and front pockets for treats and water. 

Pet Pouch Hoodie

A comfortable and functional pet pouch carrier is an excellent way for pet parents to bring their furry friend along in style. Whether they’re taking them for a walk or lounging indoors, a pet pouch hoodie is a pet-friendly gift. Choose the size of the hoodie and pouch suitable for both pet parents and pets. 

Matching Bandana and Face Mask For Twinning 

A bandana and a face mask duo will make your recipient laugh out loud and tag you on their IG photos. These pairs come in different stylish designs, machine-washable cotton prints, and some masks have adjustable ear loops. Let your pet parent friend team up with their pet while staying safe when they’re out or having walks at the park. 

Pet Clothes

Quickly approaching holidays offer many pet-centric gifts for dog and cat lovers, and pet clothes have never been out of the ordinary all year round. With different styles, colours and designs to choose from, you’ll definitely enjoy getting one. 

Smart Pet Tag

There's a chance that at some point your pet parent friend has experienced the panic that ensues when their dog or cat runs out the door or breaks out of the backyard. And it’s more dreadful if they don't realise right away that their pet has gotten out. 

A smart pet tag makes it easier to keep track of their pet. It alerts pet owners via an app if their furry friend gets loose, goes outside of the yard or any other outdoor space specified on the app. The smart tag also allows the pet owner to create a detailed digital profile of their pet, including photos, vaccination records, and behavioural or medical issues. 

Bucket List and Pet Journal 

This thoughtful pet journal and bucket list is ideal for any pet lover looking to cherish each moment of their pet’s development. It also reinforces the fact that we don’t get pets just to leave them at home. Many fun activities for both pets and humans are there for us to enjoy - things like getting a ‘Pawicure” (AKA: Doggie Manicure), going on a picnic, camping or pet park, or staying in a pet-friendly hotel.

Journaling about their pets will also help pet owners track vet visits, vaccinations, medications and other health information, and help them and their vet manage their pet’s health. 

Pet Mattress

Pets deserve to sleep in comfort. Any pet parent with multiple beds around the house knows and appreciates that. Gift your friend’s pet a personalised bed made just for them! Choose a mattress that pet parents will love the look and material, knowing that their pets are cozy in bed. 

With a pet mattress, they'll be confident that their best friend will have a good night's sleep.

Pet Potty Trainer

A pet potty trainer will trick pets that they’re peeing or pooping on real grass. Pet parents with potty training pads will avoid damaging their carpet and furniture. So they’ll get rid of the stains and nasty smells while using it indoors and outdoors. 

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

All that cat or dog hair adds up is why this very convenient robot vacuum cleaner is a pet parent’s favourite of all time. 

Pet parents may find it hard to maintain clean floors and furniture whenever their pets walk in and out of the house and climb wherever they please. Robot vacuums quickly pick up messes from tough-to-reach places like the stairs and furniture and have a big chamber for holding fur and tracked-in dirt. It cleans indoor air too, which helps eliminate unwanted smells from pets.

“Pets are part of the family too! Gift a gift that both pet parents and pets will love.” 

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