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March 03, 2021

The Best Smart Devices For Pet Owners

smart pet devices

Are you a pet owner stuck in the 20th century? Take yourself and your pet/s into the present and take full advantage of pet technology advancements designed to improve their life and yours. Most smart devices focus on health and security for pets, but these are also the same devices that can be helpful for pet owners, such as feeders, toys and cleaning devices

Enjoy having furry friends without stressing too much about their food, security, and the dirt and smell they might bring into your home. Optimise life with your four-legged friends with the latest devices.

Pet Trackers

Not really new, but now better than ever, and always such a good source of peace of mind for pet owners. Tracking devices are a modern-day lifesaver for your pet. Today, most pet trackers use GPS or cellular technology attached to your dog’s collar and track their whereabouts. Quickly view your pet’s location through an interactive map via your smartphone, computer, or tablet. If your dog or cat gets out of the house/your property, the device will send you push notifications, texts, and emails so you’ll be informed. 

PetSmart Feeder

If you’re away or just busy doing other tasks, or if your pet needs a strict routine when it comes to food, an automatic pet feeder dispenses your pet’s food easily. You can set up a feeding schedule via smartphone or other smart home devices. 

Use pet-specific metrics to determine portion sizes to control feeding better. This helps your pet weight management. If you have multiple dogs and they eat different foods, the feeder will allow you to control which one eats which food. It has identification technology to detect which pet is at their bowl to manage food access. With this, you’ll make sure that your pet is eating the food intended for them and their specific needs. 

Smart Water Fountain

Your pet’s usual water bowls may be a bit boring. Try to upgrade it to a smart water fountain. This smart water fountain can hold a lot of water and quietly dispenses it in different modes like bubbling, flowing and more, great for dogs and cats who are too lazy to drink water.

Through your smartphone app, track how much water your pet drinks and keep the records of their drinking history. It also contains a carbon filter that keeps water free of contaminants and water changing reminders.

Pet-Specific Cameras 

If you have a few security cameras inside and outside your home, a pet-specific camera is right for you! This camera lets you keep an eye on pets, and interact with them while you’re away from home. 

The camera is placed at eye-level for face to face interaction while the built-in laser keeps them engaged. It can be connected to your smartphone, so it’s easy to watch over your pet. This is really helpful for added stimulation when your pet may be feeling bored or anxious.

Pet on Wheels 

Though we stay at home during these times, there may be times you need to go out and bring your pet, whether it’s just your neighbourhood or in the nearest supermarket. Consider using a Pet on Wheels carrier on your bicycle, motorcycle or scooter. 

All you need is to attach it in your two-wheel vehicle, place your pet, and lock it after using. 

This will allow your pet to travel comfortably without distraction to the driver, and in the safest way possible. 

Litter Robot: Self-cleaning Litter Box 

No more scooping your pet’s litter! New advances in self-cleaning litter boxes do all the heavy lifting, it sifts waste, removes odour, and sends notifications when the waste tray needs to be emptied. This goes for both cats and dogs. When training your pet, leave a small amount of urine and feces in the litter box so they can smell it and associate the box with going to the bathroom.

Smart Dog House

Smart dog house helps take care of your dog by providing you with controls no matter where you are via smartphone. It‘s embedded with wireless abilities letting you keep track of, and communicate with your pet. There are lots of smart dog houses out there. Some are equipped with an entertainment wall, an auto snack dispenser, a hot tub spa, and even a treadmill. 

A dog house’s smart features come with a self-cleaning and self-sanitising toilet for your pet, a motion-activated fan that circulates the air to moderate the temperature, and a motion-activated music system that soothes the pet with melodious music. There’s also an attached battery in the dog house that ensures the lights don’t go off and the camera keeps working even in a thunderstorm. 

Smart Pet Companion Robot

When you’re away from home, doing other stuff, or just want your pet to experience additional activity, this robot will play with your pets on your scheduled time. Smart pet companion robots will help you entertain your pet not to feel unwanted or lonely. It will take care of exercises and feed your dog in a fun way. 

You can view your pet’s pictures and videos since it has a built-in camera. You can share these pictures and videos right away by using the application. Worried if your pet might quickly destroy this toy? The creators claim that pet robots are durable, water-resistant, and safe to use.

Robot Vacuums- some robot vacuum cleaner has a camera 

No doubt, you love your furry friends that much, but it can be a pain to clean up their hair continually. Luckily, a robot vacuum cleaner can help you maintain clean floors and furniture. It can independently travel around your home after setting its mode and speed; then it will pick up pet hairs even to those hard to reach places. 

Your pets may also pick up pollen in their fur whenever they go outside. Get a robot vacuum that has a HEPA filter to clean your indoor air, eliminate unwanted smells, and reduce allergens. Some robot vacuums have cameras too, which you can use to see your pet’s activity or behaviour while your robot vacuum moves around the house. 

“Spend more time playing and enjoying your pets, and let these smart devices take some weight off your shoulders.”

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