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May 25, 2021

Tools and Techniques to Keep Your Home Office Safe and Clean

With Robot Vacuum Keep Your Home Office Safe and Clean


You’re more productive once your workplace is clean. Don’t believe it? It’s easier to find things and get things done when there’s less clutter on your desk, and you have designated spaces for your items.And it just looks good and clean. It’s inspiring to get to work when there’s no clutter distracting you. 

Give your workspace a regular clean. A decluttered space can increase efficiency and reduce stress. Below are some of the tools and techniques to keep your workplace clean, safe, and the best place for you to stay focused and productive.


Start with a clean slate

Start fresh in a new and organised space. Take everything off of your desk first. Unplug your gadgets and secure them in a safe space. Pull out all your files wherever they were placed and put them all together in a box. 

Then do it to the rest of your items in your home office if you think they need to be totally removed in the area, especially if it’s general cleaning. Get your cleaning supplies. Dust your shelves, wipe your desk and vacuum your floors. Make sure that every surface is clean.

Wipe down all your working tools and gadgets

Once the space is clean, tidy your gadgets and other items. Wipe down your keyboard, mouse, desk lamp, books, and other high-touch hotspots. Disinfect items handled regularly. 

Use alcohol, disinfectant wipes, and disinfectant spray depending on the material of the items. 

Get rid of what you don’t use

Minimise your clutter. Place trash bins near your desk, and maybe a paper shredder, too. Documents, junk mail, fliers, and receipts, are some paper clutter that quickly multiplies and piles up. 

To keep paper clutter under control, sort through it regularly. Do this every after your work, weekly, or once a month. Try not to place items on your desk that are unrelated to work. Not only it will add up clutter on your working station, but it may also distract you. 

Take out your trash daily

Make it a habit to continually take out the trash every day to prevent infestation. Removing the garbage from your home office will help keep your indoor air clean and avoid odour. Another thing to keep in mind is that pests also get into the trash. So even if the bin is only slightly full, have it emptied. 

Use proper storage for everything

Use a cascading wall organiser or a stackable tray so you can sort your papers into different categories. A drawer organiser is great for customise arrangements. Each shelf can be designated for specific items, such as pens, paper clips, and sticky notes, instead of spreading them all over your desk and in random drawers. Also, make use of adjustable shelves to condense your belongings like books and journals to prevent clutter from taking over every inch of space on your desk.

Organise your notes

Place a corkboard for a memo wall to keep your notes in one place and make it easier for you to check on your task and reminders. Or you could use a planner with sticky notes. Use tech options for messages to reduce paper clutter on your workstation. 

Digital sticky notes on your computer, tab or phone are easy to check and delete when done. You can also use collaboration and project management tools for more effective task management.

Keep what you need within reach

Think about the things you always use when you’re working. Put all those things on your desk or nearby. It can help you avoid interruptions to your workflow, allows you to move comfortably, and save you time. 

Manage and organise your cables

Unorganised cables can be hazardous, makes cleaning harder, and their lifespan is also reduced if left tangled. Use cable organisers to manage wires. Or unplug everything first, mount the power strip to the desk or wall, then use straps or zip ties to wrap cables up. You can also label each cable, use masking tape and wrap it around the cable to create a tag. This one is optional, but it could save you a headache in the future.

Have a sanitising kit

Your sanitising kits should have included a bottle of hand sanitiser, alcohol, tissues and disinfectant wipes. Use them on a daily basis, especially after using your gadgets. 

Schedule home office cleaning 

Make sure that you or someone at home regularly clean the home office. Mark your calendar the days you want your space to get cleaned. It could be every other day or weekly. Or set a reminder on your phone so you won’t skip the routine. 

Stock up on cleaning supplies

Having cleaning products on stock is an excellent way of maintaining the cleanliness of your workplace. Put all your main cleaning supplies in a storage box or bucket. Have some microfiber cloths, brushes, spray bottles with cleaning solutions and bring in your robot vacuum cleaner. 

“Having a clean and safe workspace allows you to be productive, efficient, healthy, and more importantly, happy.”

Robot vacuums will clean your floors and carpets even while you're working. You can set multiple schedules for different days and suction levels, and it will vacuum your workspace without noise. Plus, giving you clean indoor air that’s safe to breathe since it has a HEPA filter system. 

These are the cleaning products you should always have on hand. As long as you keep this in-store, you won’t have any excuse not to clean up any messes, and it’ll be easy for you to follow your cleaning schedule.

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