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July 07, 2020

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Robot Vacuum

how robot vacuum works

To get the most out of any home appliance, you need to know what they’re good at. It also helps if you are aware of their limitations. Robot vacuums are fantastic for keeping your floors clean without the time hassle involved with manual cleaning. However, it will be challenging to be the best out of your new robot without understanding how you need to help them do their job. Almost every robotic vacuum owner will tell you they are worth every dollar - and they will also probably tell you that they had to learn that truth the hard way. 

If you have never had a robotic vacuum, your home will not be set up correctly to accommodate it. Your family (including your pets) will need to adjust to a vacuum with a mind of its own. After understanding these simple knowledge bites, you will see that robots are fantastic devices, yet also require regular maintenance and help to maximise their utility and effectiveness around your home. 


Their dust bag still needs to be emptied

It may seem obvious to some, but many of us erroneously believed robot vacuums could turn dust and dirt into nothingness. Nonetheless it is, unfortunately, not true. Almost every robot vacuum needs emptying consistently. In fact, their dust bags are often smaller than their more spacious traditional counterparts. More basic or less powerful robot models will require manually emptying after every clean for them to operate efficiently. Try to think of emptying your vacuum as a wondrous task - isn’t it cool that something so agile and autonomous can pick up so much debris?


Brushes need cleaning and replacing

Every vacuum uses a brush to pick up hair, dirt and allergens. If their brush does not perform as it should, their cleaning results will not be up to scratch. The better robot vacuums that come with a highly functional mobile application will use their sensors to remind you that your robot’s brush needs maintaining. 

“Use a pair of scissors to ‘cut’ the tangled hair off the roller”

When it does, all you need to do is remove the brush roller and clean out any debris or hair that has gotten caught up. A handy tip is to use a pair of scissors to ‘cut’ the hair off the roller - give it a go and thank us later! If the brush is permanently damaged, you might need to order and install a replacement from the robot vacuum’s manufacturer.


Robots make noise

If you are picturing your robot vacuum cleaning your floors while you are asleep, you might need to reassess your dreams. It’s true they are typically quieter than handheld vacuums however they are far from silent. They use a motor to move around your home and suck up dirt as it goes, the energy has to go somewhere - part of that is inevitably noise. While they sense walls and furniture, they will bump into them now and then - providing another source of sound disruption.

During a day at home, this is usually no problem. However, if you are trying to read or have a nap, better not to have the robotic vacuum do its thing. Some models will offer multiple cleaning ‘modes’ allowing you to up the power (and noise) when needed, or turn it down to a minimum. Either way, keep in mind that robots are not silent.


They can get stuck and need a particular home

Although robotic vacuums make use of sophisticated optical sensors to create a map of your home, they will still encounter scenarios they are unable to escape. Once you figure out problem areas for your robot, it’s not too difficult to make some changes to help it do its job without issues. Remove power cords, computer cables and shoelaces as well as blocking off dangerous areas, such as stairs or ramps.

“Your robot needs to recharge, so make sure it has no issues finding its base”

You also can’t put their charging station wherever it is most convenient for you. It has to work for them. Usually, you will need to give it an open space with at least one metre clear on each side to help it settle in comfortably. Your robot vacuum needs to recharge, so make sure it has no issues finding its base.


Some are smarter than others

Not all robotic vacuums are the same. The best models offer seamless execution, efficient and quiet cleaning, packed with powerful and adjustable suction modes. Newer robots are equipped with a mopping feature to automate another everyday household chore, so you don’t have to. Remotely controlling your robot using a mobile app and smart home integrations is another useful feature that not every brand offers. Regardless of their imperfections, almost every home can take advantage of a robot vacuum cleaner in some way. They’re now as affordable as ever and the time savings easily outweigh the cost, making them a fantastic investment to keep your home clean.

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