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How do I connect my Roborock cleaner to my Wi-Fi using an iOS or Android device?

Check out our insturstion for iOS and Android

How do use Alexa to control your Roborock?

Check out our insturstion HERE

How long will it take to clean my home?

It depends on operating time, room size, furniture arrangement, etc. In generally, it takes not more than 60 minutes to clean a 100 sq. m. room, and may be shorter if furniture is well arranged and there is little waste.

What's the difference between S50 and S55?

S50 is white while S55 is black, with no difference in other features and accessories.

Why does a circular orange rotating portion protrude from the top? Is it normal that the top cover can be pushed? Is it normal that the top cover is loose?

The protrusion portion set on the top is the core component of the machine, i.e. LDS (laser distance sensor). It rotates constantly at 300 RPM to obtain topographic data around the machine itself. Outside the laser distance sensor is its protective cover. On the bottom of the LDS top cover is the LDS cover bumper sensor which is capable of detecting any foreign matter that may get stuck in the laser head and of automatically returning back to prevent machine jamming.

What's the purpose of the hole in the right of the machine body?

This is the wall sensor of the machine. It is a high-precision distance sensor used to achieve high precision along-wall cleaning by precisely controlling the distance between the machine body and the wall. When the cleaner sweeps along wall edges, a distance to the wall of around 10mm is always maintained.

Is it normal that the main brush structure on the bottom is free to move up and down?

Yes. To realize seamless cleaning, the floating main brush system used can automatically well fit the topography on a rugged ground to improve cleaning effectiveness.

What should I do when the map or path is askew?

The map takes the environment near the starting point as a reference. If there are a few other things near the starting point, the coordinate of the reference may be in poor condition. In this case, please move the dock to another place, the place should be at least 0.5 M wide on left and right side, 1M wide on front side. The dock should be up against the wall.

Is the machine connected to only one mobile phone or tablet ? How to have it remotely controlled by my family members?

You can either use the same Xiaomi account to log into different devices, or share your machine with your family members via "General - Share Device" in your mobile phone. However, some features of the shared device can only be available on the primary account.

What should I do when I feel it is too noisy?

As a product that truly helps you to clean your home thoroughly, it is normal to makes some operating noises. You can download Mi Home APP, connect it to your machine and then select the Silent mode, or remotely start the machine when there's no one at home.

What should I do when Wi-Fi connection timeout always occurs?

Please check that the Wi-Fi password you input is correct

Please check that the machine works within the coverage of your router

Please check that Mi Home APP has been updated to the latest version

Please check that your router is correctly connected to the Internet

Please check that white list or black list (IP address, MAC address) filtration is not enabled for your router

Please check that the DHCP for your router is properly enabled

Please check that there are sufficient IP addresses to be assigned to your router

It would be best if no Chinese character or special character is included in username

What should I do when the machine travels along an exceptional path (circular motion)?

This may caused by blockage of the sensors. It is recommended to remove dust on sensors, including outside screens of wall sensor, cliff sensor and ultrasonic sensor.

What should I do when the machine works abnormally and always knock into a wall or furniture?

Very occasionally, the machine may have positioning deviation. Please pause the machine and put it back onto the dock charger and try again.

Why does the robotic vacuum cleaner neglect some locations (for example, the 2 mm balcony with black floor is neglected)?

Dark floors or dark carpets absorb light such that the machine may regard them as cliff which it should avoid; thus, these areas may be neglected If there is dust on the cliff sensor, the cliff sensor may be wrongly triggered for non-dark floors. Please use soft & dry cloth to carefully clean the 4 cliff sensors on the bottom of the machine and then try again Some places may be missed if the wall sensor is dirty. Please clean the wall sensor in the right of the machine.

What should I do when there is no water/too little water/too dried cloth for mopping?

Troubleshooting-1: check whether the water tank runs out of water; refill water if necessary.

Troubleshooting-2: check that the mopping cloth has been tightly installed. If the cloth is not tightly installed, the white filter assembly may not properly supply water to the mopping cloth. The filter may be blocked. Please immerse the filter assembly in citric acid or white vinegar; if the problem persists, replace the filter assembly.

Troubleshooting-3: please wet the mopping cloth before mopping and squeeze it dry before installation. If the mopping cloth is dirty, please clean it before reuse. Do not use non-original mopping cloth that may result in insufficient water flow.

Troubleshooting-4: please check that the water tank is installed in place.

What should I do when error-1 occurs?

 Error-1 indicates that the laser distance sensor is faulty, please: 
1. remove the cover on the laser distance sensor on the top of the machine, and start the machine to continue cleaning

press and hold the OFF key to power the machine off, and then start the machine again to continue cleaning If the laser distance sensor does not rotate, use your finger or tool to toggle the laser distance sensor to check that no foreign matter gets stuck in the laser head, and then start the machine to continue cleaning.

What should I do when error-13 occurs?

Error-13 indicates that machine charging failure: poor contact results because the charging area is dirty; please clean the charging contact in the machine tail and the contact tab of the dock charger after power off and disconnection from the dock charger; poor contact of the power cable of the dock charger. Please check whether the power cable is inserted in place; the dock charger is placed on an uneven floor or on a carpet. Please place the dock charger on a level and hard floor and lean against a wall.