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March 03, 2020

5 Tips To Get the Most Out Of Your Roborock : Roborock Australia

Get the Most Out Of Your Roborock

Technology is a game-changer in how we live our lives. Since the industrial revolution, the rate of change in advancement has increased dramatically, reducing our reliance on manual tasks and labour. One of the best time-saving domestic inventions of this century (so far) may very well be the robot vacuum. Vacuuming is considered a staple chore that needs to be completed regularly to keep a tidy home. Fortunately, robot vacuum cleaners have come a long way and are incredibly efficient at this cleaning task. If used correctly, a robot vacuum will surely save you a bunch of time and ease your workload, allowing you to get more out of life. Here are our top five tips to get your Roborock vacuum cleaner running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Do a Brief Clean. Make Its Job Easy!

We know... it would be wonderful if the robot cleaner could do absolutely everything. While their robot brains are pretty amazing, the reality is that they perform best when set up for success by their owners. Roborock vacuums map their home and optimise their route. Any unexpected obstacles or clutter is likely to slow it down and decrease its efficiency. 

A quick 5-minute tidy-up will go a long way! Pick up any clothes, bags, toys or other familiar items that have found themselves on the floor and in the cleaning path. While not strictly necessary and not always possible, if you want the best out of your new Roborock, this is a crucial first step to success.

Do Your Research. Buy The Right Robot Vacuum.

Every home is different. Not all robot vacuums will be a fit for your living space or situation. Some are faster, some are smaller, and some are quieter. Do you have heavy carpets? You'll need a cleaner with enough power to handle it. Out a lot? You'll need a robot vacuum that you can control via an app.


"Every home is different. Not all robot vacuums will be a fit for your living space or situation."

A great way to start the research process is to audit your home. Think about how the robot cleaner would feel when it's put to work. Maybe you have a lot of furniture, such as chairs, that would be hard for a larger vacuum to get in-between. Perhaps your lounges had a shallow clearance, so only a smaller robot would be able to fit under it. Consider how large your cleaning area is. A basic cleaner will have a smaller battery. It may take multiple recharges to clean a more substantial home - this could take many hours. If you have hardboards or tiles, keep in mind that the better robot vacuums will also mop your floors as well. 

Fortunately, Roborock cleaners address most of these issues so they won’t be too much of an issue. While there may not be a 'correct' vacuum cleaner, some models will undoubtedly be better suited for you than others. It will save you a bunch later on by researching thoroughly before your next Roborock purchase.


Keep Your Roborock Happy! Clean and Empty it Often

We all need maintenance and operate at our best when we're feeling clean and refreshed. Your robot vacuum is no different. We'd recommend cleaning your robot vacuum every week if feasible. Wipe and remove dust from all the sensors and clear the brush regularly. If possible, empty the dust bin after every clean. This consistent care ensures every session will be it's best, as well as making sure it will continue to serve you for many years to come. 


Give it a Nice Home of Its Own

There are three things a robot vacuum cleaner needs in its life. A home in need of a clean, the tools & time to do it, and a place to rest and recharge. The robot vacuum will learn it's home and return to base whenever its job is done for the day, or when it needs to charge up. Help it out by making the charging station easy to access, such as a flat and open spot in the primary cleaning area. In addition to the robot itself, keep the charging station free of dust and in excellent condition. This subtle touch will be appreciated and ensures your Roborock gets the treatment it deserves.


Let Your Roborock Show Off Its Extra Features

Modern robot vacuum cleaners come jam-packed with great hi-tech features that are sure to make your life even more comfortable. The better cleaners will come with an app, that allows you to do a lot of great things. For example, Roborock vacuums integrate with one of the best mobile apps on the market. It will enable you to map out your entire home digitally. This neat piece of technology means that you set different cleaning zones, or even create virtual 'walls' that your vacuum will not pass. All of this can be controlled while you're out of the house or at work, meaning you'll always return to a tidy home. Set and forget! 

We hope these tips help you get the most out of your Roborock vacuum cleaner. While no robot vacuum is perfect, using a Roborock to the best of its ability will surely make your life a whole bunch easier. Always remember to be patient and let the robot cleaner learn and optimise its route around your home. So kick back and enjoy!