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November 28, 2023

From Mapping to Scheduling: Understanding the Intelligence of Robot Vacuums

Your day-to-day life is busy enough, so why not embrace a piece of technology that lightens your load? A robot vacuum cleaner is the perfect way to ease your burden. Today's robovacs are highly intelligent, with myriad features to make your life simpler while keeping your home cleaner. From tackling typical crumbs to mopping up messes, a robot vacuum and mop is a must-buy for the modern Australian. 

Here, we cover the various features and benefits that come from owning a robotic vacuum and mop, from mapping technology right through to voice app and control. 

Mapping Technology 

Today's robot vacuum cleaners use every bit of technology possible, and for mapping – its state of the art. With cameras and sensors, as well as LiDAR, these technologies allow your new robot vacuum cleaner cordless to fully and accurately map your home. The more accurate the map, the more thorough the clean! It also ensures your cordless vacuum cleaner efficiently avoids obstacles, whether it's expensive furniture, prized possessions, or your beloved pets! 

The S8 Pro Ultra features a 3D Obstacle Avoidance system. This light system is key to the best robot vacuum in Australia. It allows the bot to avoid hazards, whether it's operating in the light or in a darkened room. With PreciSense® LiDAR navigation, your robot vacuum will find the optimal route for the most efficient cleaning. 

Smart Navigation 

Once you buy one of the best robot vacuums in Australia, allow it to take its path around your home to create its maps. With those maps, your clever vacuum cordless will create navigation routes that make for the most efficient clean possible. It's all about optimising cleaning routes and paths to maximise battery life and efficiency. This intelligence is beneficial to ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning throughout your home, saving you time and energy. It's a hassle-free way to keep your home sparkling clean. 

The Q Revo is so intelligent you can create no-go zones to prevent its path from crossing certain areas in your home. Better yet, it's so intelligent it can make no-go zone recommendations! You can ensure your robot steers clear of stairs, flooring or easy-to-get-trapped spots. 

Room Recognition 

With multi-level mapping that works six times faster, the best cordless vacuum cleaner is revolutionising house cleaning. Now, you can rely on the best mopping and vacuum robot to recognise the different rooms within your house and tell the difference between carpeting and hard flooring. 

Room recognition delivers targeted cleaning and customisable cleaning; it saves time and energy, and efficient navigation. Another benefit is the reduction in noise disruption. You can take advantage of room recognition so your vacuum tackles specific rooms while you're at work. Ultimately, it makes for a better overall user experience and as part of the advanced mapping technology, you have a full view of where your robot vacuum has been, where it's cleaned, and how efficiently it's operating. Check out the Roborock Q Revo, S8 Pro Ultra and S8, all have room recognition technology.

Customisable Scheduling 

Whether you buy the best vacuum cleaner in Australia or a budget robovac, you can take advantage of customisable scheduling.

With the Roborock S8+, you can forget about cleaning. Seriously. Use the handy smartphone app to create your own custom schedules. If you want the kitchen taken care of after breakfast but want to hold off until after dinner for the living room – you can! 

You can set the schedule that works for you. It's all about setting specific times that work for your schedule and choosing the cleaning modes that suit your preferences. Let your robot vacuum tackle the mopping while everyone is out to avoid footprints on the freshly cleaned floor or vacuum after snack time – it is as easy as that. 

Adaptive Cleaning Modes 

Every robot vacuum provides different cleaning modes to tackle different cleaning requirements. If you're covering a high-traffic area or somewhere your pets frequent, then the turbo clean might be precisely what it takes to hoover up the mess. 

With spot clean, you can send your robot vacuum on a mission to tackle a 5 x 5 square area to mop up a spill or vacuum up a mess. Choose the cleaning mode that works best for your requirements – you can even set it by room when you create your cleaning schedule. Having the option to choose the cleaning mode based on your needs and flooring types will leave your floors cleaner. 

Voice and App Control 

Every robot vacuum can be operated via a smartphone app, but many are compatible with smart home appliances. So, you can easily link the two and operate your robovac with voice commands, from sending it to the kitchen for an emergency cleanup or setting it off on an extra clean before guests arrive. You lead a busy enough life. Why not enjoy the many benefits of technology by using an app or your voice to manage your cleaning schedule? 

If you want the robotic vacuum best for voice and app control, check out The Q7 Max+. It does all that and so much more. 

Maintenance and Alerts 

If your robot vacuum is running into issues, whether a filter replacement or something else, it will send you alerts on the app to let you know. This is key to maintaining your robovac's optimal performance. So, when an alert does pop up, be sure to take prompt action. Luckily, you can find a range of accessories on the Roborock store, whether it's a spare mop cloth or a charging dock.

In the meantime, empty the dustbin as required, regularly give the sensors a gentle wipe, check and clean the brushes, and update the firmware. 

Final Thoughts 

There are numerous benefits to investing in a robot vacuum, from convenience and time-saving to a sparkling clean home. They offer so many intelligent features, that it's difficult to overlook what this piece of equipment can provide your home. From mapping and scheduling to adaptability and cleaning modes, they have everything to offer. 

Your robot vacuum can optimise the cleaning path and allow you to set a cleaning schedule that works for you, whether tackling a specific room more often or simply designing the most efficient cleaning routine you can.

With so many different models available, you're sure to find a Roborock Vacuum that meets your needs and your budget. You can visit the official Roborock website or shop at a local retailer to see your options.