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May 22, 2020

How to Ensure Your Vacuum Cleaner is a Great Investment

this home has a vacuum cleaner

Almost every home has a vacuum cleaner, it’s a must-have appliance for keeping your home clean and healthy. In fact, over 43% of households own more than one vacuum. But are they happy with what they have? Anecdotally, most aren’t. There is a vast difference in quality between different brands and models of vacuums, and the price is certainly not the only factor when it comes to purchasing a vacuum cleaner that will last. 

Consider your vacuum as an investment in your home’s cleanliness and your time. The better your vacuum performs, the more efficient each clean will be, saving you time and money in the long run. So what exactly makes a vacuum cleaner an excellent long term investment, as opposed to a short term flop?



A vacuum worth your money will perform well in every aspect. Apart from raw suction power, the ability for your vacuum to accomplish its use efficiently is vitally important. The overall engineering and quality of design drives how well your cleaner will live up to its price tag. 

Key factors to consider are the air-filter system, weight and battery life. A high-quality filter, ideally HEPA-standard, will ensure that dirt, dust and debris picked up during your clean will remain contained within the dust bag and not expelled back out into the air, defeating the purpose of cleaning in the first place. 

“A weak battery will let your vacuum cleaner down”

The weight of your vacuum will impact usability - can you pick it up to access hard-to-reach places? Your appliance needs to have a convenient form-factor to ensure you get the most out of it. Good modern vacuums are cordless, relying on a reliable battery to power their output. A weak battery will let your device down. Apart from a quick clean, ten-minutes of uptime isn’t enough to vacuum a floor, let alone an entire house. Investing in your vacuum cleaner’s performance is one of the best ways to ensure you’re maximising your value for money.


Power and Suction Ratings

A vacuum cleaner is indeed only as good as it’s motor. Without it, it’s not a vacuum at all. There are many ways to assess a vacuum’s power, and it can certainly get confusing. Instead of trying to compare the type of motor the appliance uses, take a look at the wattage it produces - strong barrel vacuums can produce outputs above 2000W. Apart from just power output, there are two other methods to assess suction quality.

Firstly, airflow can be measured by ‘CFM’ (cubic feet of air per minute), the higher the reported CFM, the more suction power that vacuum cleaner has. Another popular measure of vacuum suction is an ‘air watt,’ which also takes into account the energy produced by the motor. Whatever metric you choose to use, aim for the best you can find to get the most out of your purchase.


Versatility - what can you use it for?

A vacuum cleaner will prove its worth by being usable in many scenarios. Think about how you use your vacuum arsenal. A handheld stick vacuum is exceptionally versatile, allowing you to reach difficult places, such as your car. A barrel vacuum may be more powerful, but if a cord or its heavy weight limits it, then it may not be as useful. A robot vacuum has the benefit of automation; you don’t need to do a thing - let it vacuum (and sometimes mop!) as often as programmed.

“The time savings from a robot vacuum easily outweigh the costs”

If your home has a lot of carpet, pets or messy children, you’ll need a heavy-duty device for your primary clean. The power of a manual vacuum can’t be matched yet by robot vacuums. Robot vacuums make a great backup or a staple for your regular clean. A typical way to use both devices is to set your robot to run its route regularly. Then once a week, you can perform a manual clean with your stick or barrel vacuum. Almost every home can, and should, take advantage of a robot vacuum cleaner. They’re now as affordable as ever and the time savings easily outweigh the cost, making them a fantastic investment.


Durability and Sustainability

Just like a laptop, instead of purchasing a new one every year, think about how you can future-proof your purchase. Do your research on the brand you’re looking to buy and look at the warranty that comes with your purchase - extended warranties ensure no hassles for a long time. Also, read reviews online. The best guide to a vacuum’s quality is what other owner’s think of it. Long-lasting vacuum cleaners are also more environmentally friendly. In addition to energy efficiency, the length of an appliance’s life determines how often it ends up in landfill. Quality vacuums will have a lower carbon footprint and be more eco friendly in the long run.

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