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July 29, 2020

How to Get Started with a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

robotic vacuum

Time flies! We’re over halfway to 2021, and perhaps it’s just hit you that humans shouldn’t be doing tedious household chores anymore. The dishes get cleaned by a washing machine, and your clothes are in the dryer as you read this. Yet, you’re still vacuuming like clockwork every Sunday. The good news is that there is a better way - robotic vacuums. You’ve probably heard of them before; after all, they have been around for over twenty years. If you haven’t pulled the trigger in the past, likely, you did not know where to start. There are many brands, types, features and a wide range of prices to consider.  In light of this, we’ve put together a breakdown of the basics that you should know before you purchase your very first robotic vacuum.

What exactly is a robotic vacuum?

Robotic vacuums are a mostly autonomous cleaning tool that sucks up debris from your floors. They’re able to sweep and sometimes mop surfaces in your home without any intervention from their human (you). Robot vacuums are usually small, round devices that whip around your house as programmed, saving you a bunch of time in the process. Robot vacuums are designed to be the perfect companion to your weekly home cleaning routine. You can automate them to give your floors a freshen up daily if you wish. Best of all, they are mostly set and forget. 


“Robotic vacuums are easily the most efficient way to keep your home close to immaculate”

The latest models use advanced sensors and data processing to digitally ‘map’ your home, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Almost all will come with a mobile app, allowing you to control them no matter where you are. Program their schedule and watch them do their job. While they still need some regular maintenance, robotic vacuums are easily the most efficient way to keep your home close to immaculate.


It sounds too good to be true, what are the downsides?

While robotic vacuums are pretty amazing appliances, they are far from perfect. It certainly pays to understand their limitations compared to their manual alternatives:

  • Lack of versatility. Robotic vacuums cannot clean stairs, vehicles, furniture or other hard to reach nooks and crannies. Manual vacuums take advantage of a range of attachments and human ingenuity to ensure every last bit of your home is cleaned to perfection. Robots are smart, but they cannot match the tools of their owners.
  • Less power. Naturally, a smaller, wireless device will pack less punch. Their motors are small and lack the power of their larger cousins, as well as having a lower capacity to hold dust.
  • Maintenance. If you think robotic vacuums are maintenance-free, you’re in for a tough time! Robot vacuums need just as much maintenance as your regular vacuum. While they can charge themselves, the dust bag still needs emptying, brushes need to be cleaned and replaced, and filters need refreshing.

    How much will a robotic vacuum cost me?


    Robot vacuums are usually more expensive than their manual counterparts. While typically worth the investment, it’s essential to know what you’re paying for and make the assessment for yourself. Entry-level models can retail from just $200; however, they lack power, battery endurance, mobile app utility and extra features. In comparison, top models can set you back almost $2,000! If you have the money to blow this might be a viable option; however, for most of us somewhere in the middle is our best bet. You can find an excellent robot vacuum with all the features you need to keep your home clean for under $1,000.


    What new features do the latest models have?

    You probably think that for this amount of money, your robot vacuum should come with some pretty nifty features. You bet they do!

    Smart home integration - the latest models have had their software updated to work with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. This means you can control your robotic vacuum using voice-based shortcuts.

    Advanced home mapping - they will map your home (across multiple levels) with precision, reducing the chance for error. Advanced algorithms learn and calculate the best route to clean your home, saving time and improving power efficiency.

    Automated mopping - some robot cleaners will also include a practical mopping function. Simply fill up the tank with water and let your appliance mop your hard floors with ease!

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