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February 04, 2021

How to Obtain and Enjoy More Me Time

how to finds a me time

The demands of modern-day life can be overwhelming and challenging. Stress at work, responsibilities at home and all the people in your life make constant demands on your time. Whatever lifestyle you have, it's essential to take some time to unwind, so you don’t get burned out. 

Giving time for yourself isn’t a waste of time. In fact, there are many scientific reasons why you need to spend time for yourself. It increases empathy and productivity, sparks creativity, helps you build mental strength, and allows you to plan your life and know yourself more. You and your mental health are a top priority, as much as your tasks at home or work. Here are eight ways you can obtain and enjoy more “me” time: 

#1: Learn to Say No

It’s okay to say no. 

You may get so used to saying yes and pleasing others but if your life is so jam-packed with other people’s requests that you don’t have time for what really matters to you. Learn to say no. Your time is valuable, so spend it doing things that bring your life value. 

Just simply say “no” without justifying your answer. Once you start learning to say no, you’ll lessen the stress and the burden of always being put upon. You don’t need to feel guilty for planning your personal life and mental health in a way that feels good to you.

#2: Schedule your me time

Include your “me” time into your calendar. Not in pencil. In pen. Once you schedule it, you'll feel less inclined to cancel. Think of it as a treat day for yourself and try to make it part of your routine. Schedule it during the same time every week so that it can become a solid habit. 

For example, schedule it during Saturdays 5:00- 7:00 pm. Plan the things you want to do at this exact time and day and make sure to maximise your personal activity. 

#3: Get organised

Use physical and electronic filing and storage systems and always keep them tidy. A good place for everything and everything in its correct place will help you reduce stress and save more time doing your tasks instead of finding things you need. 

Put whatever tool, clothing, bag, hairbrush or products, away immediately after using it. Get rid of the things you don’t need. You might be keeping trash without knowing. Anything else can be given away or donated. 

#4: Prioritise your tasks

 Set your priorities every day. This reduces stress, helps you focus, can improve productivity, and even help you with work-life balance. Prioritise your most important work in your most productive hours. Separate the urgent task from other essential duties. Create a list on each task and set it’s a deadline. Use reminders or alarms to help you get notified. 

#5: Practice micro-tasking

Break your tasks into small manageable pieces. Plan how you would be able to divide a broad task and then work on each portion separately. Examine the task’s parts or create a visual map and make sure you understand what the output is supposed to look like. Don’t forget to set a timeline for completing your tasks!

#6: Leave work on time

Whether you’re working from the office or at home, keep in mind that we all need time outside of work to nap and recharge, connect with our loved ones and friends, have fun. Leaving early from work doesn’t mean you worked less than your peers. 

Be mindful of your departure time. Work on your task manageably, so you don’t have to stay longer hours to finish your job unless it’s essential to take overtime. Give yourself a reason to leave your work on time and always commit to your boundaries. 

#7: Reduce time on entertainment and social activities

While someone may consider social media as a way to enjoy their alone time, unplugging yourself from it will help you avoid the negative side of the digital world. Too much social media use and non-stop binge-watching tend to take over. Try scheduling a specific time when you allow yourself to look through your phone to check your social media accounts or surf the internet.

#8: Let others do the job


If you run a business, hire an assistant or a whole team of them. This is easier these days with platforms like Upwork and Airtasker, where professionals and experts in different fields can help you get things done. If you belong in a team, make sure everyone has their own tasks, and you’re not overloaded.

Invest in gadgets, tools and apps

If there’s one good thing the internet provides, that’s convenience! With the right tools and apps on your phone, you can accomplish things in just a click. Shop, order your food and pay bills online. Download the app that suits your needs and do your transactions via mobile.

Smart gadgets help save your time. Control your TVs, music players, lights, temperatures, refrigerators, washing machines, and vacuums with the tap of a button. And with all the household chores you should be doing, you can't deny that cleaning eats most of a time. 

Invest in a robotic vacuum that automatically cleans surfaces and furniture. Just set the timer, mode, and speed and schedule it on the days you want it to operate. Robot vacuums can clean while you're taking a nap, away on holiday, working or spending time with your family.

Take advantage of the things and opportunities that could help free up your time and maximise it to the fullest. Simplifying your life can create more time in your day. 

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

 ― Anne Lamott

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