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March 03, 2021

Tech-cessories for a Clean and Productive Home Office

clean home office

During the pandemic, the home office has become a staple in many households. Learning how to organise a home office to become productive in a new work environment is now the new normal for many employees. 

A clean, fresh and organised home office can help you stay focused longer, reduce workplace accidents and injuries, and even benefit your mental health. It all starts with picking up the tools you need to make it work. Accessories you'll find in this guide can help improve productivity and efficiency. It will also lead you to an easy way of arranging your office and creating a healthy workspace.

Ergonomic chair, keyboard and mouse

An ergonomic chair, keyboard, and mouse prevent pain and damage to your hands and wrists, leading to surgery. An adjustable armrest combined with an ergonomic keyboard and mouse place your back, neck, hands, elbows, wrists and arms in a natural position, which means less straining and reaching for the mouse and keypad. 

Wireless charging station

Invest in technology that provides mobility around your workspace. With a wireless charging station, you can freely move around without having to worry about all the cords of your gadgets. Wireless charging will reduce destruction and allows you to concentrate on the tasks. Less clutter, and your mind feels more at ease, too. 

Document holder

Document holders place paper documents at your eye level for comfortable reading alongside your computer screen, so you avoid acute and chronic neck pain. If you deal with paper documents a lot, either switch to digital or get a document holder.

“Keep your home office clean and productive with these tech accessories.” 

Noise-cancelling headphones

Reduce background noise to help you focus on your work. It helps a lot when the house or the neighbours are active. 

Desk lamp 

Just because you work with a computer doesn’t mean you don’t need a lamp. Lamps reduce the glare from your screens, especially at night, and it’s still better than overhead lights when it comes to focused work. It can reduce the chances of human error while working. Desk lamps come in different styles and finish to match your personal preference.


Most laptops or desktops have built-in cameras but don't offer much more for users who rely on video conferencing as their means of communication. In the age of video calls, you need a dedicated webcam. 

Upgrading your camera will mean they’ll be able to focus on the conversation rather than getting distracted by the quality of your video. You’ll be more engaged and attentive during the discussion. 

Smart displays with Google Assistant 

Connect your Google assistant to your smart displays. Manage the tasks, set the alarm, reminders and check the weather updates while you’re at your desk. 

Smart air purifiers

Clean your indoor air. Use a smart air purifier and control it through your smartphone app. You’ll get real-time feedback on the air quality in your indoor environment.

Robot vacuum cleaner

You can clean your workplace while doing your work at the same time. Robot vacuums

can easily clean your floors without disturbing you. They are small, take up no space in the home office, and impressively quiet - without sacrificing its suction or cleaning power.

All you have to do is program the schedule at specific times every day or on selected days and let it run by itself. Robot vacuums are self-charging and purify your indoor air.

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